Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Thoughts of the Day

Life has been busy with the baby here. Its fun but busy. I find myself holding this wee one rather than doing things around the house. From experience, I know these moments will pass quickly and it will be no time until she has learned to say, "down" and want to be off walking on her own. I study her tiny fingers, the creases in her wrists, the way she holds her mouth and just gazing at the sheer beauty of a new life.
I had a funny thing happen to me today, part of this rather gaze at the baby then do anything constructive. I was in my nightshirt this morning longer than normal, I was after all holding Mei-Ling while Melanie slept in a bit from being up a couple times during the night. There were baby things all around the living room. In one chair, a bunch of baby things laid out to finish drying since it was sprinkling last night when the clothes were on the line. In another chair, there were baby blankets and a stack of birth announcements awaiting some finishing touches. Just about every corner had some bit of pink baby something in it.
Of course there was a knock at the door, as often happens when our homes are in disarray and we are less than "put together". It was Priscilla's mother and her niece who we have known for well over a decade. They needed directions to a place in our town and of course they wanted a peak at the baby. There I was, dressed for bed, hair looking like a wild woman, bare feet and the house a bit disorganized. After a moment or two of feeling embarrassed, they weren't though, I was feeling less ummm, what should I say, less humiliated !
As soon as they left, I high tailed it to the bedroom to get dressed and cleaned up the house.
You know, life is that way, we are often unprepared for many of life's situations but they seem to work out just fine. The pride in me wonders what in the world they must think of me, and the whole, healthy side of me says, it was what it was and that exact moment will never come again. It is gone, only lasting in my memory and no doubt theirs !
The air has grown damp tonight, and for a second it smelled like the ocean to me. Made me homesick for the York Beach Maine. It will soon be a year ago that I was home. Yes, time does fly by quickly.
Today has been one reminder after another that living without so much stuff that you have to move it to clean, is really the best way for me.
I like the clean stark lines of what some call a Zen look. Might have to give some serious thought to heading that direction. My own personal life has been carefully cleaned out of all the extras that tend to bog us down. Even my spiritaul walk has been trimmed down to the real basics. Now perhaps its time for our home to reflect that too.


Tea said...

Can I ever relate to this post!!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

"Quiet down cobwebs, Dust go to sleep, i'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep!" Enjoy each moment, your visitors will only have had eyes for Mei Ling!

Shellie said...

Oh, my. I think we've all been caught in a moment when we were a good bit less put together than we normally would be and usually by someone with the best of intentions just not the best timing. :)

It sounds like you are really enjoying your time with Melanie and Mei Ling staying with you. (Mei Ling is just the cutest little girl!) Enjoy it while it lasts. Like you said these moments are fleeting.

Sandra said...

Oh boy! This has happened to me several times too. I'm liking the more modern "clean lines" look too these days - less clutter in the house = less clutter in the mind which can then be filled with useful things.

Gina said...

It is still a struggle for me to let go of "stuff" even though I feel it's weight on me. Even though I know it all means nothing. But each day, I unload a bit more, and so many of your posts inspire me to find the joy of simplicity in the world. Thank you.

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