Friday, April 30, 2010

Snuggled Up With Many Prayers

Thought some of you would like to see Mei snuggled up with her prayer quilt this morning. She is recovering so well. Actually, she was so active yesterday that she pulled out a couple of stitches. Your prayers are working ! Children are indeed a blessing.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Day

Good news to report, just talked to my daughter and Mei is doing fine, actually running around and playing as if she never had surgery. An answer to prayer for certain.
Its been a busy but productive day. Kids have been disbudded, had their shots and the boys castrated. All part of farm life. Glad to have it all done.
Took a stroll in the sun to see how my roses are doing and it is such a delight to see their wonderful colors and smell their heavenly scents. Its refreshing to just walk around and breathe in the fresh spring air and know all is well. I was thinking how there is no money in the world that can buy you this sort of experience. Peace that springs forth from faith, hope and contentment. No need to worry about what anyone else has and it is simply priceless to feel confident enough, that you can be your authentic self without the need to impress anyone with what you own, what you know, how pious you are, or how your house looks or doesn't look.
Maybe that is the greatest aspect of contentment, being able to be yourself. No games played.
Here are some pictures from my day so far.....Life is good.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prayers Answered

Surgery went well. Our precious little girl had quite a bit of pain while in recovery but it was managed wonderfully. She is doing so well they may let her come home tonight. Thanks so much for all the prayers.
Please continue to pray that she has a speedy recovery.
here she is in the recovery room sleeping soundly

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prayers For Mei-Ling

I am asking for prayer for Mei-Ling tomorrow. Her surgery will take place early in the morning. Praying that all goes well and they are able to accomplish what they have planned and that there be no complications. We are hoping she can come home the same day, but they have a room reserved for her if the need be.
She will be snuggled up nice and warm in her quilt after surgery, that was lovingly and prayerfully made by so many of you. Covered in love and prayer.

Mei-Ling soaking in the beauty of nature amid the bluebonnets

Mei-Ling feeling a bit tired and shy when we sang happy birthday to her tonight as the family gathered to celebrate her special day. She knows she has to go the hospital tomorrow and I am sure she feels our stress and concern. Although she sure had fun playing with Elizabeth tonight. Those two are just so precious together.

Some Good News

Just a bit of good news to share with everyone. Yen does not need surgery ! They will re-evaluate his condition next year but for now, its just a low dose of antibiotics. Breathing a huge sigh of relief.
Now praying hard for Mei-Ling and her surgery tomorrow morning.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Indian Paintbrush

Just down the road from my house there are some beautiful Indian Paintbrush in bloom. Today was the perfect day for taking some photos of them. Of course there was a rather large snake laying claim to the area too. I decided he could stay and I would more than willingly leave.

Catching Up Time

We celebrated Mei-Lings birthday this weekend, even though her actual birthday is not until tomorrow, which we will celebrate again with a family meal and a small cake for her. This year we all seem to want to go a little overboard for her knowing that her surgery is the 28th, the day after her birthday. It seems as though it gets harder for everyone emotionally, the older Mei-Ling gets. She is such a sweet child, it just breaks our hearts to think of her suffering any pain. Yen has his Doctors appointment tomorrow to find out just how they will deal with his VESICOURETERAL REFLUX . We are praying hard that he will not need surgery. Your prayers are appreciated for these two precious ones.
This morning is skies, birds singing and the perfect temperature for working in the garden and doing all the chores. I should be doing housework, but its not nearly as much fun as sitting on a stump watching the baby goats play !
So often I hear talk of the "must have's" and such and think to myself, if I were a millionaire I would not want to change the way we live. Simplicity is just easy on the soul, easy on the spirit and gives so much more than money could ever buy. Keeping it simple, keeps me grounded and the ground is where my feet walk.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Joy of Life

There are enough good things to happen in the first five minutes of every morning to make you grateful and filled with joy. First off, that breathe is there to keep us going. That life continued throughout the night. That your mind works and you are aware that it is a new day. That you have a bed to sleep in and blankets to toss off as the day begins. Even if life is hard and there are difficulties lying ahead of you, being alive grants us the ability to change the things we can and to not worry about the things we cannot change. We wake with the ability to smile and laugh. We face each new day with the choice before us to love someone, even if its at a distance or hold a deep and ugly grudge for something we feed and then allow to consume us.
This morning, I woke to rain drops falling on the roof, chores to be done and then lots of things that need to be done in the house. Ironing, cleaning, de-cluttering etc etc etc... I decided to be grateful that I have the ability and health to accomplish these things, and then headed out the back door to the world that fills me with awe each and every day. A great blue heron flying over low. Iris blooming. The scent of roses filling the air. Goats and chickens anxious to see me, yes, I know its because I am feeding them, but the goats do seem to be fond of me in a more human like way. The little kids leaping about from tree stump to tree stump and then they decide to jump all over me with their muddy little hooves, so much for my clean jeans !
Sitting on the stanchion to milk Licorice, I notice squirrels playing in the trees and hear birds chirping. The kittens in the barn are just now moving about and meowing loudly for mom to come to their aid. I love the sound of the milk filling the shinning stainless steel milk pail.
The milking barn smells of hay, sweet feed and milk. Good things.
After milking and animal chores are done, I head to the garden. Its muddy after the rain and large drops fall from the trees above me, small puddles falling on my head, or so it feels.
I hunt to find asparagus in the grass, and once again find more than enough for today's eating. The long tender stalks fill the corner of the basket, leaving lots of room for roses. Grateful for my boots in the wet grass. The basket fills with heavenly scented pink, yellow and red roses. Far nicer than those that can be purchased in the store. These roses smell so good, maybe the kind of scent they have written fine poetry about. There is great joy in this day and it is but young. Life is good ! So many things to count as blessings.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This Is A Hint

The news is in....the new grandbaby would need a Pram in this color ! Ultrasound reveled that Steven and Priscilla will need to shop for things in Pink

Roses in Bloom

Roses to me are the most delightful flowers so I have lots of them around our place. Here is a sampling of some that are in bloom right now and a few iris for color contrast


This morning as I rambled around our place, checking the progress in the rose garden, the vegetable garden, the herb garden and the mint patch, with Harry by my side and the goats eyeing me with care to see if they were going to get a handful of grass from the other side of the fence, (since I am sure goats have their own saying about the grass being "tastier on the other side of the fence") I felt a peace in my heart. As if I really never need go beyond this place in order to find all that I need in life. Home is where the heart is, but so often we run from here to there looking for what is right under our noses. Love, needs cultivating just as the garden does. It needs care, nurturing and time spent on it. I could run to the store 4 times a day to buy more garden supplies, yet without spending time on the garden, all the things on the market would not improve it if no time time spent digging out the weeds, or bending down checking the plants. Real gardens are tended by hands that get dirty, and perhaps have a broken fingernail or two. So it is with families and marriages. We can buy all the stuff on the market, give the children all the lessons we think they need, yet never really get rid of the weeds that grow in our hearts that strangle good relationships. Its not the cost of the clothing, or the make and model of the car you drive that makes love grow, its time spent together, talking, eating meals at the same time at the table. Its having bonds that are strong enough to handle the little misunderstandings that come along. Those strong bonds develop the same way strong plants grow in the garden. Tender loving care and getting down on your knees to see closely what needs there are. Running here and there every single day, steals away from us so many opportunities to nurture love. Husbands and wives so busy that they barely have time for a decent conversation, let alone time to build deeper bonds of love. Children follow suit, with so many activities they don't have a clue how to play or use imagination. Simplicity of life, allows so much good strong growth in life that will yield a harvest to be enjoyed.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good Saturday Morning To You !

A damp, gray rainy Saturday it is here in North Texas but still so full of beauty. "Raindrops on roses" as the song goes. Classical music floods the house with the most joyous sounds. The smell of coffee coming from the kitchen. Windows and doors open, letting the sounds of springtime mingle perfectly with the music. One can touch the depth of your own soul on such a moment in time, feel all the beauty within that self talk so often tries to chase away. Now to savor the moment !
photos from my garden this morning and a vase of roses freshly picked from my rose garden

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