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Another Look Back in Time

Melanie, Me, Emery and Melissa
Melissa and James right after their engagement Melanie in the hollyhocks My favorite picture of Emery taken in 1978 Me, not sure what year but maybe 1975 Melanie with a wig on
Steven holding his trophy for Irish Dance Steven at a dance performance Melissa and Melanie are in the middle dancing, Melissa is behind Melanie

Memories are Fun

I was going through my photo files this morning and found lots of pictures that just made me feel good. Here are some of my favorites from when the children were much younger. The one of Emery and Steven is pretty recent. I love how they are standing just alike and I didn't have to tell them to do that !

A Morning Ramble

The air is cooler this morning and there is a nice breeze....makes me feel hopeful that true autumn weather will indeed arrive. Pine cones are dropping off our trees in front. Landing with a tiny thud, bursting with seeds. I save everyone of them. Since the trees are young still, there aren't multitudes of them, actually only one of the three trees has pine cones so far. These three pine trees are my rather lame attempt to hold onto an old dream of mine of having a log cabin in the woods, the woods of Maine that is. That dream has taken me to where we are now, not in the woods of Maine, but to this homestead kind of life. I may not have my log cabin, but I do have so many other aspects of that life I envisioned over 40 years ago.
Maybe, life is what you make it. By the choices you make, right from the point of who you chose or don't chose to marry. Not long ago I was looking up an old friend on the computer. With those "people search" type sites you can find lots of p…


Its so true that in good sound knowledge there can be found freedom. Knowing more about a subject can give us the opportunity to make better choices, to be better prepared and to feel less fear when we know the facts, especially if you follow the thinking that you don't worry about the things you cannot change and you change the things you can so there is no need to worry.
After the events of the day regarding the stock market yesterday, I felt the need to get a better grasp of just what is going on with the economics of this country, which is so tied to a global economy these days. After reading, watching a few experts on the news and getting the facts, I feel better about things. Sure, we are having some serious problems, but what I read and heard made me feel that a "depression" is not around the corner. Deep recession, yes, but not another "great depression". The country has developed some sort of mentality that its o.k. to just buy the things you want, when…

The Day in Photos

It was a busy but productive day..... Roses in bloom
Our High Wheel Cultivator taking a rest after a busy morning
The Fall garden is coming up
The chickens are sure I have some food for them. Our "girls", Cinnamon and Licorice. Mr Buck, who is visiting us, got a bath and a bit of a hoof trim. Now if I could just fatten him up ! (he also got a new red collar) Emery putting a new roof on the milk barn (he is on the ladder, just so you don't think he is about 8 ft tall) . .

Stocks Crushed

Sure, some folks don't like this kind of news, saying its alarming, frightening and lets just have faith and trust in God. Its good to have faith, but even Jesus told the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 were prepared and 5 were not. Its good to know whats going on, take steps to be prepared for what may come, but then we need to not dwell on it either. Just be prepared. Simple as that. No one ever made out well from sticking their head in the sand !
Here is the news from CNN today. I want to know whats going on, and be able to have an understanding of whats happening and then plan accordingly.
With a global economy, this isn't just a United States problem either.

Stocks crushed
Approximately $1.2 trillion in market value is gone after the House rejects the $700 billion bank bailout plan.
By Alexandra Twin, senior writer
Last Updated: September 29, 2008: 5:55 PM ET
NEW YORK ( -- Stocks skidded Monday, with the Dow slumping nearly 778 points, in the big…

Where Did the Morning Go To ?

It's nearing noon and I have just now come inside from chores. The morning flew by. First off it was the animal chores and then once again, sun bonnet atop my head, looking a bit like some character from an old story book, I was behind the high wheel cultivator making rows in the garden. Pushing the fine brown soil to the sides, just deep enough to plant tiny seeds. A neighbor child watching me from over the fence, her brown eyes straining to see me better, there is after all a pasture in between where she stand atop her child size 4 wheeler. She is just past toddlerhood yet she drives this thing. Rows made, I open packet after packet of seed and sprinkle these wonders of nature in the soil. After the seed has been sown, I go back over the rows with my hoe, delicately pushing the soil over the future food. I feel good that all our seed is organic as has been our land for nearing 17 years . Just writing out 17 years has me pause a moment, thinking to myself, has it really been that…

Counting My Blessings, One By One

Monday mornings seem to be a good time for me to think about the blessings in my life. As I go about my chores, there is a sense of getting back to business after the weekend and more time for counting those blessings that pile up so quickly in my life.
My list for today...
For God, never changing, and always patient with me.
For hope, hope is such a neglected blessing. We can all have it, and we can all develop it to greater heights and Hope changes how we perceive life in general. We so often forget to be grateful for it or see it for its true value .
For love, ahh love is such a blessing, to give it away as well as receive it.
For Emery, what a blessing to be married to such a godly man, whose whole life is centered around being a good man, good husband and good father and grandfather. 30 years of happiness and still counting !
For my children and their spouses and their children. Blessings each one. For the love they show to Emery and I and their care and concern for us.
For our life o…

Lazy Sunday

It's hot outside, summer like. Not much of a breeze, actually next to none. Emery and I have been outside, sitting in the shade watching the goats chew their cud. That sounds like we might be bored, but we aren't. Its just that sort of day, when it feels right to sit and watch the world go by. We chat some, we say nothing some, and we talk about plans for building a nice workshop and maybe put cedar bat and board on the barn and milk house. We watched a big old lizard run up and down and around an old stump in the pasture. We watched some butterflies and the birds fly around. Not one thing Came in the house for a pitcher of iced water for us to share. Just a lazy day. We need days like this once in a while, to refresh ourselves and to rest weary bodies and minds. It's not hard to make hot sunny days, lazy ones. This September heat is conducive to being lazy.

Homestead Life is Never Dull, especially in Autumn

We have a couple hens that like to lay their eggs in odd places. Yesterday I found a broken egg, contents missing in one of those places. Later when I went to gather eggs, I found the same thing in one of the nest boxes and in the goat barn where another hen always lays an egg. There appeared to be some kind of unwanted visitor in our midst. It didn't take long for us to find out what it was. Last night after we got home from having Pizza with Steven, Priscilla and Elizabeth, Emery went out to lock up the hen house for the night as he does every single night. He came in saying he needed some help....two possums in the hen house and I need to hold the light so he could catch them. Young ones, but egg eaters all the same. They needed to be relocated before they grew up into bigger problems. Emery had the two of them in no time and was able to relocate them without too much trouble. While we were out there some skunk let loose and changed the scent of the evening air. We decided to m…

Recipe For Apple Pie Filling in A Jar

Here is the link for the post with the recipe I use for Apple Pie in A Jar

Busy-ness Can Be A Good Thing

Animal chores are first on the list (mental list) of things to do each day. Some times there is more to it than other days. Today was one of those "more to it days". The milk barn needed some attention and the feed area was messy from alfalfa "crumbs". A couple things were hastily put in a convenient place the night before, rather than in their proper place. I spent some extra time on "Bucky". He is not tame and he is in kinda rough shape. I want to put a collar on him so I can later hook him to a fence while I give him a bath and trim his horribly overgrown hooves. Well, getting a collar on a not very friendly buck is no easy task. I am taking it slow, having him get used to having me stand near him, that sort of thing. This morning I was able to lay the collar across his neck and he left it there. That is great progress. He seems stronger every day too. A bit of some wheat germ oil on his feed has helped too. After the animal chores, it was garden time.…

The Kitchen Table

Don't even know what got me thinking about it, but early this morning, long before the sun was up and long before I wanted to climb out from under the covers, I started thinking about Kitchen Tables and how they have lost their place of honor in the modern home. To get you started thinking about it, visualize "Little House on The Prairie" Table in front of the fireplace, meals served there, homework done there, pies made there, bread dough kneaded there, Pa read from the Scriptures from the head of the table while the children sat there. Even on "Leave It To Beaver", the kitchen table was the hub on the activity for the house. June Cleaver mixed her cookie dough at that table, set out milk and cookies for the boys when they came home from school on that table, meals were served at that table and some very deep questions were talked about right there. Even Aunt Bea on Andy Mayberry spent a good portion of her time right at her kitchen table, creating more than j…

What Would You Do If There Was Another Great Depression ?

The words, "another great depression" are spoken more and more lately. In general conversation, on the news and even from the pulpit. Its hard to imagine that such a thing could happen again, but the trend is there....the similarities between then and now a bit frightening. We could all chose the route of being an ostrich and sticking our heads in the sand and repeating to ourselves some sort of mantra, " I will not stress out by listening to the news, I will not stress out by listening to the news" and yes, that might protect you from stressing out but it sure won't show you the areas of the financial world to watch out for and look for places to make improvement in your own situation. Last thing I read this morning was that the credit card industry is next to fall. That is scary with so many people owing so much money due to their plastic habit, and not knowing the simple fact that our grandparents knew, "you don't buy unless you have the money to&qu…


Somewhere along lifes pathway I lost touch with God on a personal level. I ceased feeling His presence. I know of course that it was my doing, I felt like His voice was gone. It wasn't that I stopped talking to Him, it was more that I was in a loud and crowded room and couldn't hear Him. I was reading so many things in this pursuit of truth, there was static all around me, noise, philosophies dancing in circles in my head and none of them had concrete answers. I never sought out an easier way to live or just to ignore God, rather, I was actually seeking to know who He really is, what He expects of this point in life I wasn't concerned one bit with what He expects for anyone else in life, just me. I want to get it right in this life, now, not later on my death bed. I have no desires to waste my life and finally try to make it right just before I draw my last breath. Finally, I realized that there is no proof of truth, not real proof. Sure we can feel something is r…

Pajama Party

Casi worked over night last night and since Melanie has been having very low blood sugars in the night, about 25 to be exact, we had Melanie and Mei-Ling stay overnight with us. Well, wee miss Mei-Ling decided it was party time having her mom in her room all night and didn't want to sleep, just play. This morning she was ready again for play. It appears she is feeling better with the new medications for her infection.

Sun Play

I love the way sun plays on things in the afternoon, beams of light changing what is ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary. Today is just such a sun play day.