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Morning Time

Fog rolled around our land this morning reminding me of the smoke off the incense I burn. You could see this fog tumble and roll. Its not 8 a.m. and I have had my mile run, drank my morning cup of warm water with the juice of a lemon in it. Made breakfast of cream of buckwheat for Emery and I. Read my poster that cites the ABC's to achieve your dreams. Somehow this morning I got stuck on S.... Stop procrastinating and then on T... Take control of your own destiny. Take control, that sort of made me think about being a people pleaser, which really puts everyone else in the drivers seat. We are not taking control of our own destiny, we change and mutate to try and make everyone else happy, in the mean time we sort of loose what might be our purpose. We can let others take the helm and miss what our true destiny is meant to be.
I have watched myself carefully lately and its impossible to keep everyone happy, everyone interested in what you are doing. If we go through life living with …

Hung Out To Dry and In Need of Paint

Mei-Lings little Border Collie needed a bath...The well loved toy appeared frightened being hung out to dry on this very windy day.
The door to the milk house is in need of some new paint. Although it looks very rustic, it will
be looking much better as soon as spring time arrives so we can paint

Lunch for Two

There is nothing quite so much fun as a spontaneous lunch for two... basket in hand I strolled into Emery's office, fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants, sparkling water, coffee for me (Emery is not a coffee drinker) and two pieces of decadent chocolate for dessert. It was simple but still time for eyes to meet, lingered touch of hands as I passed him his food. Laughter, conversation, interruptions, but that's expected since this spur of the moment lunch was at his office. On the way home I thought about how fast time is flying by. Nearly 30 years of my life has been spent with this gentle man. I want time to slow down, stop for a bit, let us savor the moment longer, sip life's beauty slowly. Weeks seem to fly by. It is Monday and then somehow Friday, days speeding past me. I look at our faces and age shows but we don't feel any different than 30 years ago, we embrace life with that same enthusiasm, that same gusto for living. We think with energy and hopefuln…

Cold Morning, Hot Tea and an Old Friend

It is a chilly morning, normal winter weather. Blue skies, with light brush strokes of white clouds here and there. The sun casting shadows as it rises in the east. A spot of tea is perfect on such a morning, warming my insides after coming in from my morning chores. I sat in silence thinking about what I want to accomplish today...start a new quilt for the grand-babies room. Red work, bright and cheery with sunbonnet Sue. I have Sunbonnet Sue fabric for curtains too. White, with tiny gals scattered across it. I want to finish painting in the living room too. Amazing what fresh paint can do for a room. Same color as before, just Country White, but after a couple years, the wood stove use darkens the walls. We have lots of books, so painting means moving the books from the bookcases to get behind them. Lots of work. But first things first in the day. To read. Bending over a bit, more like hunching over to see one shelf below eye level, I peruse the bookshelf looking for just that righ…

Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts was written by Shaker Elder Joseph Brackett, Jr. in 1848. It was first published in The Gift to be Simple: Shaker Rituals and Songs. Simple Gifts was a work song sung by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing (more commonly called the Shakers, an offshoot of the Quakers).' Tis the gift to be simple,'tis the gift to be free, 'tis the gift to come down where you ought to be, And when we find ourselves in the place just right, It will be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gained, To bow and to bend we shan't be ashamed. To turn, turn will be our delight,' Til by turning, turning we come round right
'Tis the gift to be loved and that love to return, 'Tis the gift to be taught and a richer gift to learn, And when we expect of others what we try to live each day, Then we'll all live together and we'll all learn to say,
'Tis the gift to …

The Simple Joys

The Simple Joys They miss so much who do not know The simple joys of long ago. The quiet hour, the easy pace, A path to walk, a day to face. A small white flower, a bird that sings, The Happiness in the little things. The patience for a task, well done, The gift of rest at set of sun. The thankful heart, the lift of care, A friend nearby, a time of prayer. How much they miss who do not know The simple joys found long ago. ~Amy Perrin~

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Yesterday morning the fog was so thick, that visibility was under 1/8 of a mile. The fog hung low in the sky and above it was baby blue clear sky. If you were up on the top floors of a skyscraper in the city yesterday morning you could see above the fog. It was quite amazing. But also a lesson for us. That often when we cannot see which way to go in life, we just need to go Higher to see the clear view.
It seems we are never far from a lesson, as long as we are willing to look with open eyes and hear in the silence of the moment.
Starting the day off with a list of a few of my gratitude's.
Always grateful for life, it is a gift
for my health and the health of my family
for love
for faith and hope, they seem to go together
for history, its a wonderful teacher
for language, it gives our thoughts wings
for music
for laughter, small giggles all the way to giant laughs
for warm home made bread, kneaded by hand giving my hands strength and my body energy
for candle light, that softens al…

Your Deepest Joys

Have you ever wondered what is your deepest joys really are in your life ? I was thinking about the things that bring me deep joy all on their own. The sort of joy that stands alone and is not dependant on how others look at us. So many of us say we find joy in doing this or that, but if we stripped away the accolades, the applause or the oooooohhhhh's and awwwww's we get from doing this or that, would it really be our joy to do it ? It is a joy to love my family and it would never matter to me in the world if anyone but them, knew I loved them. It is a joy for me to know God, and I would still love Him even if no one ever knew I did. I would spin wool in the quiet of my home, even if no one ever knew I would. I would still love herbal medicine if no one ever knew I did. But there are things, I must admit that I do or did, just to please or to receive some level of recognition, those things are probably not my deepest joys. Not the things that bring the sort of joy that is lin…

Is It Fear That Makes Us Turn Our Back ?

It has been interesting to share my spiritual walk so openly. To talk about my doubts, to share my confusion on knowing what God requires. I have been cast aside more times than I can count, for being so open. I never have gone so far as Peter did, never denied knowing Christ, but yet at times people have shunned me as if I committed the unpardonable sin. It appears that some folk are so filled with fear of honest searching that they shot the searcher without a thought. I have been "shot" openly for my honest struggle. It hurts at times, but then I think about how fear is crippling and so the only thing I can feel is sorrow for the amount of fear some folks carry with them and I know I would not want to be their child for certain. My faith is stronger than that sort of fear. I just don't know all that God requires, so many opinions out there on what is right. I am glad God is more loving than people are. He continues to bless me and walk with me, holding my hand as I sea…

I am blushing, a new award

Heather over at Muddy Boots Acres gave me this Spread the Love award. It sure made my day. Thanks Heather and now I would like to pass this award on to ...Michelle over at Ozarks sew n' sews and to Carrie at Looking Through The Backyard of my life

It's a Gray Sort of Day

Not in any bad way, but it's a gray day weather wise. The rain has been steady, and the cold hanging on like a piece of wet wool, soaking you to the core. I never mind this kind of dirty weather. It keeps me inside, doing hand work or spinning wool, tapping my free foot to old Irish ballads and sea shanties. My imagination taking root in thoughts of the ocean, dreaming up what it would be like to be out to sea on such a day, or to be standing at the door waiting for your man to return from the stormy expanse. It's not so much day dreaming on my part as much as it is remembering the stories my grandmother shared with me about her uncles as they spent their time being captains of a clipper ships, heading down to Boston from Nova Scotia. Some were sad stories of young men being swallowed up by the sea in a bad storm, one such story left my great great grandmother fatherless. I love living in Texas, but I miss being close to the sea. Days like today, with the gray sky meeting t…

Simple Things

In life we have opportunities to know the sheer beauty of the simple things in life, that nest in our hearts and minds and grow into a memory that will always be with us. Such as the feeling of a baby's breath on our cheek, or the smell of a rose just picked from the garden.
Even in the difficult situations in life, there is usually some greater plan that we just are not seeing when we are going through it. Retrospect is a profound thing.
It is honestly the simple things in life, the ones that are not purchased, but are gifts of God to us, for us, that bring intense joy that lasts. It is love, it is health, it is joy, it is the beauty of nature, it is the miracle of birth, it is in laughter and giggles, it is in honesty and in faith, peppered with hope. It is in freedom for wanting every new thing we see or in creating stores of stuff that at some point we discover did not really make us happy for longer than a week. Seeking the simple things in life means having o…

Quiet Holiness

It is raining out, with the temperature hovering right at freezing. A degree away from ice. It's damp, dark gray morning, the kind of morning that always makes me think of being in some ancient cathedral. Not because I see them as dark places, but more like it is on this kind of day I have been more likely to visit one. I have filled the living room with candles. The flickering of the wicks low in their glass containers gives me a feeling of comfort, a sign that my deepest prayers are being seen and heard. Gregorian chants playing on the stereo complete the feeling of holiness. I believe we all need days that are steeped in the feeling of quiet holiness. To refresh the soul, step away from the television, the shopping, the creating of more stuff to deal with, and just spend the day in quietude. A day when one can time seeking. It never harms a child to experience this type of day, for them to find the beauty in quiet holiness. Not pushed on them, not enforced, but experienced and …

God in a Box

A year ago I wrote what is below, on my other blog. I still feel much the same but today something took place to make it easier for me NOT to feel the need to conform, but rather to run from conformity. I saw proof positive that money does indeed corrupt and make people think more about the amount of profit, than peoples lives. Sad, sad thing.
I was thinking too, about how parents raise their children, not one child is raised the exact same as a sibling, sometimes the rules even change for different children within the same family as we know each child's strengths and weaknesses. I think God is that way with us.
Very few days go by without me trying to define and refine my "religious" beliefs. I just want it to be tidy and organized and have a name, a connection to some group as if that is what really mattered. In my 52 years I have studied and examined so many religious concepts and played over and over in my head the arguments for and against each one.First off, the yea…

Dreams Do Come True, all about love...

Way back in 1970 I used to listen to Dick Summer on the radio. Disc Jockey extraordinaire that wrote amazing love poems. His rich voice, soft and so full of love for the woman he wrote about in his life. Now I must admit that most of the true meanings of his poems slid past me, my innocence never picking up the deeper more intimate meanings. That is how much of life's understandings go, we don't catch what we don't know about. (some of his poems make me blush to this day)
Dick Summer had a book of his poems published and I paid the $1.95 out of my summer job pay check as fast as I could get my hands on a copy. The photography in the book took my breath away. Pictures taken by a fellow names Steve Hansen. All black and white's. The kind that makes you feel something, even if you have not experienced it yourself. That is art. To this young girl of 16, with eyes filled with fancy, this book set into motion the very ideals for what I wanted to find in love. To have someone…

Cozy Corner

Today is the kind of day you just want to cozy up with a good book beside the wood stove and let the day slip by. Nothing pressing, nothing stressful, nothing demanding. Time is my own. Lavender oil simmering, filling the house with its calming scent. Music wafting through the house, like gently blowing winds upon the ancient silk route, so dream like. The week passing by slowly...I had to check to see what day of the week it was, time feels as though it has stood still, a good stillness. Not once have I started a car this week. Choosing instead, to stay at home. Being filled with the essence of home, where love flows so freely. I am finding the empty corners and bare surfaces, freeing. Matching my personal direction in life, where simplicity takes the place of clutter, excess and freedom from want.
One more section of the living room complete. Bit by bit, it is coming together.

Doing Nothing

Last night I started re-reading the "Joy Diet" by Martha Beck. I like that book but the first part of the book is a tough one, it talks about doing NOTHING. That's a hard thing for me to do, it goes so against all we have been taught about being productive. But one thing is for sure, its awfully hard to hear a small still voice when you are always doing something. Its almost impossible to be filled when the bowl is already full.
The Tao says "Thirty spokes are united around the hub of a wheel, but the usefulness of the wheel depends on the space where nothing exists. Clay is molded into a vessel, but the usefulness of the vessel depends on the space where nothing exists. Doors and windows are cut out of the walls of a house, and the usefulness of the house depends on the space where nothing exists. "
Novel concept for most of see the usefulness of the space where nothing exists. Profound thought is often born from a time where nothing but…

The Down Side of Farm Life

Went out to let the chickens out of the hen house and found my favorite chicken, dead. Headless and eaten on so no doubt the work of an owl or hawk. I suspect an owl though. Must have happened at dusk last night and since I locked up the chickens after dark with no lantern, I never saw her right by the hen house door.
This is the down side of farm life. This hen was no pet or anything, but my favorite of my hens. Friendly and a good layer. We will haul her off to the woods for the coyotes.
Just kinda sad to see her gone. Will have to be more vigilant from now on about getting the hens in the hen house before dusk. Owls have a habit of returning over and over. One year we lost a dozen hens from one owl, one each night for that many nights. We finally stopped letting the hens out for a couple weeks and the owl got tired of waiting for a chance.

A Gift

As if God knew how much I missed seeing birds at my feeders, today, out of nowhere they came...a gift of tufted titmouse, cardinals, chickadees, finches and more.

Morning Visitors

Quite a large number of Morning Doves took turns at the feeders this morning. Its about the only birds I have seen around this winter. Not sure if all the gas well drilling has sent all the other birds away or what the deal is. Just not many birds around any more.

A Morning Ramble

The visibility last night was less than a mile. Looking out my back door into the night, there were only shadows and fog. Made me think about how often we deal with that same sort of unclear vision of our lives. We can't always see where the road ahead is leading us, we can't see for certain where the road is leading, yet we take one step after another, following directions, ethics, morals, and faith that guide us, provide a map of sorts.
Fog should always remind us of what faith is like. It's stepping out into uncharted territory, knowing that there is an unseen hand, leading us. Most of us, wish to explore on our own a bit or get waylaid from time to time, knocking us off our feet, but we get up, dust ourselves off and begin again to take one step after another, not seeing more than a mile ahead at any one time. Spurred on by belief, by hope and at times, desperation. Control freaks have a hard time with faith, it puts someone else in the drivers seat. Free …

New Furniture Dangers

Recently we purchased some new furniture. We knew about the dangers of formaldehyde in particle board etc but it was next to impossible to find things without it, unless we wanted to spend tons of money, which we didn't. Right after setting up the new bookcases, Emery started coughing a lot, we couldn't figure out why, until we put a time stamp on when it started, the very same day we set up the bookcases that are made out of particle board. They are coming down, and Emery will be making some nice wooden ones to take their place. Think it might be best to stick with antiques !
The photo shows the underside of the bookcase shelf, particle board !

Hidden Danger of Particle Board Formaldehyde in Manufactured Wood Products
By Lauren Beyenhof
Formaldehyde is a colorless gas with a strong odor known to cause asthma attacks
Persons with compromised health may be more sensitive to lower concentrations of formaldehyde than others
Two coats of sealant or varnish on the underside of cabinets …

The Easy Way, Isn't Always The Right Road

There is a commercial on television about how these days instead of fixing things, we just get a new one. We don't as a rule, put much energy into keeping things going smoothly. People divorce without much thought. People get divorced for such silly reasons some times. I have a friend who divorced her husband because he was "too nice", and therefore not much fun in her eyes. People change churches when the minister talks about changing negative behaviors, or has the nerve to call something we enjoy, "a sin". People even end pregnancies because its going to be too hard to raise a child at this point in their life.
Instead of loosing weight when we gain a few pounds so our clothes will fit, we just buy bigger or make sure elastic wasted things fill our closets. We let our children rule the roost, simply because its hard to be consistent and have them obey. We let our children have all sorts of techno baby sitter toys so we don't have to hear t…

Exercising Your Brain

All too often we just accept what we assume are certain aspects of aging, without questioning it, trying to change it or perhaps regain it.
I watched a PBS program on brain exercise and one little thing stuck with me, it was about how as we age, we never go up or down stairs without looking at each step as we go. Watch a child or young person run up and down the stairs, their eyes are on the prize, not the stairs. According to this show on PBS, we just need to practise what we used to do, go up and down some familiar small flight of stairs, looking up, instead of down. Sounded kind of frightening to me, since I was a confirmed stair watcher. But, willing to exercise my brain and regain something lost for no other reason other than "accepting it". I began going down the back porch steps without watching my steps. It was rather humorous to see at first. I looked much like a toddler. Holding on to the posts for dear life, half trying to see down without actually looking down. St…


"In strictness of language," says Paley, " there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom; wisdom always supposing action, and action directed by it."

"Knowledge and wisdom, far from being one, Have ofttimes no connection. Knowledge dwells In heads replete with thoughts of other men; Wisdom, in minds attentive to their own. Knowledge, a rude, unprofitable mass, The mere materials with which wisdom builds, Till smoothed, and squared, and fitted to its place, Does but encumber whom it seems to enrich. Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more." Cowper.

We live in a world where knowledge is honored and wisdom is often ignored for the simple fact it comes with no letters after its name.
I would love to know the bits of wisdom gained through the life experiences of my ancestors, not the facts of their life. I would love to have a book with the wisdoms of my mother, my grandmother and great grandmother. I love that…

Take A Walk With Me

Take a walk with me as I stroll across my beloved land, along fence lines, in the pasture, in the trees and behind the barns. Hands cold, eyes searching, being filled with peace and the joy of simplicity. Each breath I take a present miracle, each glance a holy experience where the very nature of God is clear to me. In the house, the camera lens fogs up in the heat of the wood stove, an ethereal sight