Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Plum Picking Time

The plum tree is overflowing with fruit. These are the smaller plums used to make prunes. But oh they are so sweet off the tree, you just have to eat about 6 to get your fill. Melanie and I went out picking plums just before another storm arrived yesterday. We saw the wind cloud and knew we had better get as many picked as possible in a short time. That wind would knock them all off the tree and since they are so ripe, most would explode when they hit the ground. I will be drying them today, making a slit in the fruit, pulling out the pit and then putting them in the dehydrator. We have all been snacking on them too. They are so juicy and sweet. All our fruits and veggies are grown organically, so we feel comfortable just picking them and eating them.
Its raining again today so no chance to dig potatoes this morning. The garden has take a back seat to a certain little baby, which means weeds are numerous. No pictures this spring, I would be embarrassed to show off the weeds, and the eposote has about taken over. I love using in when cooking beans as it works like Beano, but its spreading like wildfire all over the garden. I have enough for the entire towns use ! This weekend we hope to pull up a bunch of it.
We hung out the clothes late yesterday afternoon and had high hopes that they would dry some in the early evening and then finish drying in the morning....but I awoke to the rumbles of thunder. I ran outside, three lines full of clothes still damp needed to be brought in before the rains came. It was pouring as I walked through the back door into the house. I can only hope for a bit of sun sometime today and re-hang all three lines. Its a good workout, no need to go to the gym for an aerobics class. All that up and down motion and the lugging the heavy baskets outside once again is a weight lifting workout.
In the olden days ladies didn't need to go for a workout, their days were filled with exercise.
My arm muscles are strong from kneading bread and when we were milking goats the girls and I could arm wrestle the boys and lay their arms right down.
Yesterday picking the plums was another good workout.
Here is my simple solution for getting the exercise you need... grow your own food, hang your clothes and make your own bread, (without a bread machine that is) milk some cows or goats, and walk.

The last storm had sent so much fruit to the ground, which quickly rotted due to the wet ground
Still plenty left on the tree
Melanie enjoying a juicy plum
pluns picked and ready to dehydrate
Plum Preserves made today.


Aunt Jenny said...

Wow..your plums get ripe so early there!! We won't have ripe ones on our trees for at least 2 more months..I can hardly wait!! My mouth is watering just thinking about them!!

Patty said...

My peaches will be ready in a month or so and I can't wait.

La Tea Dah said...

Melanie looks great! Looks like she never lost her figure. :)

Loved the plum pictures. . .

Patty said...

Hi La tea Dah, Melanie was thrilled to hear you say that she looks like she never lost her figure. She is back to her normal weight already, but her tummy is not as flat as she would like !
I have been waiting 24 years for mine to become flat again : )

Bingo~Bonnie said...

Oh please tell me Melanie didn't get her BEAUTIFUL hair chopped off as it appears in that photo!!! I hope it is just pulled back...

That is great that she has lost all of her weight alrady and her tummy will get tigter - it just takes time. I hope to loose my weight soon after the twins arrive also - as of today at 36 weeks, I have gained only 19 lbs. ~Bonnie

Patty said...

Congrats Bonnie on being 36 weeks and having such a healthy weight gain, not too much and not too little.
You must be getting anxious for the big day.
Melanie has her hair pulled back. No plans to cut it : )

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