Sunday, May 20, 2007

Evening Wander

As usual Sundays are busy for us. Some running around doing errands, and there are always some small jobs around the place for Emery to do. This evening though, we took some time to be outside just wandering around, checking the garden, admiring the sky and chasing off mosquitoes !
More potatoes harvested. A bright red cardinal singing from the fence, plums ready to be eaten, I had a few right from the tree, cilantro in bloom, caterpillars taking over my fennel, but I don't mind, they will be beautiful butterflies after they eat their fill and make their cocoons. We were a bit surprised to see so many of them, we counted nearly 20 on one plant.
Its always so sweet to wander hand in hand, sometimes talking, sometimes not. We have been married long enough, that we often communicate with just a look or a nod. Some moments outside in nature just seem to need silence.
Its late now, nearly bed time. Melanie is talking to Mei-Ling, Casi feeling good with his new hair cut that Melanie gave him. The windows open, the air is still and the sounds of the night seem close. Another simple day, busy in some respects but uncomplicated, which makes it seem simply delightful.

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Jessie said...

That is a beautiful caterpillar.

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