Sunday, May 20, 2007

Night Sounds

There is no photo to go with this post because I simply feel too lazy to go outside in the dark and look for a subject. Its nearly midnight, the British Comedies I like have ended, its time to make it a day.
I hear an owl in the tree outside the window, its a haunting sound to me, probably because on so many occasions I have seen an owl wipe out an entire family of squirrels. And more than once found several of our chickens laying headless outside the hen house just as dusk fell. I have no doubt at all that it was either a black vulture or an owl that must have carried off our new duck. That "who, who" sound in the dark doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy towards owls.
I know all about the balance of nature etc, but that never seems to make you feel better about loosing a critter.
Its warm tonight, or rather the air is still, so the fan is on in our room. A gentle sound, as though a hushed disorganized tune was being hummed. A neighbors dog barks, a pick up truck drives past the house. It would be nice to hear the wind in the trees. I love that sound.
Soon enough cicada's will be singing the warm nights through, along with crickets and the bass tone croaking of frogs in the creek.
If we had an air conditioner on, we would miss these night sounds. Natures lullaby.
Before I climb up the steps to my bed, and snuggle into the feather bed, buried in comfort, I will walk down the hallway, floors creaking, and feel that feeling of gratitude for a house that long ago became a home for us, and that will always be a place my children love to visit.
If I listen carefully to my memories, I can hear the children's voices laughing, pretending to be like the Walton children, "goodnight mom, goodnight dad, goodnight Melissa, goodnight Melanie, goodnight Steven, goodnight Scott, and then one of the children would giggle and start saying goodnight to the dog, the cats, the goats, the roosters, the pony, the sheep and on and on until Emery would say, GOODNIGHT CHILDREN, and then all was quiet.
Yes, I am sure I can hear them again in my memory.


Aisling said...

Patty, We used to do that Walton thing in my house growing up. Someone would always throw in a "Goodnight Johnboy" for good measure. (Of course, one of my brothers is named John. *grin*) What I love most about the Waltons (a favorite!) is that several generations live together in one home. I would live that way with my children, but I suppose they will fly away to their own nests eventually. *wistful sigh*

Patty H. said...

I have been reading about Mei-ling. What a beatuiful baby! I'm sorry that mom is having such a hard time. Praying she will recovery quickly.
Your pictures are very pretty.

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