Thursday, May 24, 2007

Personal Peace

Personal peace is a rare thing today. People don't take time to find inner peace for the most part. Silent meditation, prayer are hastily done or not done at all. We have learned to get in the hamster wheel of our thoughts and run over and over the negative ones. We dwell on the things we don't like, forgetting that each moment lived is gone the second it happens. Reliving the events of the past does nothing for our peace of mind. We should learn from our mistakes or the things that we go through and then move on.
True peace of mind is something no one can steal from you, you can only give it away to someone who is wanting to take it from you. Your thoughts are always yours.
Positive thoughts can be lived over and over in the mind without harming us it seems.
Positive thoughts are so much more powerful than the negative thoughts we have. Positive people have better health generally. Positive people are so much nicer to be around too. We all know the Chicken Little "the sky is falling" type and they are not one you are anxious to spend the day with or hear on the other end of the phone. I do believe the law of attraction, positive thinking brings positive things into our lives and the same for the negative. We think bad things are going to take place and they do usually. I know some real Drama Queens who have one bad thing after another happen as they are expecting them to happen.

Positive thinking is something that births peace within us.
When ever things get a bit hectic in my life, I have to recharge my peaceful "batteries" and head on outside to the quiet of nature, where things are in order, things are as they are. There is no peace in a shopping mall or in some fancy restaurant, those moment of bliss or whatever they are quickly gone. Food goes through the digestive system and the things we buy become "not new" after a while and loose the amount of happiness they bring. The new shoes get old and the new furniture becomes just ordinary in time. The new dress is seen by everyone and looses the ability to get praise from others. After a time wearing it, it doesn't make us feel fantastic so we need to shop again and the cycle continues. But if we have personal peace, what we wear is not the thing we need in order to feel good about ourselves.
But finding that contentment, that personal sense of peace, that is a worthwhile pursuit.
Learning to be content has much to do with that. Always wanting, always chasing one thing after another is exhausting and there is always more to want. Its like having a tape worm, you never feel satisfied. Until you are at peace with yourself, the who you are, you will be looking for ways to "show" you are something by what you own, by what you do for hobbies, by where you eat out, by what you wear.
Personal peace has to do with inner growth of the true you. Learning to value the kind of things you take with everywhere you go without even a bag in your hand. Knowing you are compassionate to every living thing. I have not arrived at this, so don't think I am writing this with the attitude that I have arrived. I am far from it, but I do have personal peace most of the time, simply because I am on the journey to discover it. I have long since given up all the "need to impress" or the "need to hide" and "stuff and things" don't call to me. I take time each and every day to sit in silence. It was so hard to do at first. Sitting with no music playing, sitting without letting my mind go round and round with this or that thought. Sitting in peace, praying or with NO thoughts. Not allowing myself to be distracted. Sitting and thinking about how the car I drive or the house I live in is just stuff. But peace of mind, being not burdened by ownership of things, is something I can take with me where ever I go, under all circumstances. Its never really about the clothes we wear or the way we do our hair when all is said and done. Its about how we live our lives now, today, this minute. With personal peace in the heart, we are free to give of ourselves, and that is what we are here for. To love one another, to not judge anyone and to walk in peace at all times. Its so easy to just impress others with taking them out to eat or buying them things but after a time people just see you as a meal ticket or someone to ask for things. How much better to have clear minds to see another's needs and met them the way we can. Be it listening to them, helping in the way they really need to be helped, which may be taking them out to eat or something but doing that for the right reasons and not doing it to try and elevate yourself. Seeking personal peace is a journey of joy and realization of what really matters in life. It is what will matter even more after life is over if you are seeking enterance into the pearly gates or even if you believe in reincarnation !
I suspect there are many roads to finding peace but not one of those roads includes fear or guilt as travelling companions.

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Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing tis beautiful meditation !

NADINE in Belgium.

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