Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rainy Saturday

Rain fell steadily through the night, starting off soothing, comforting, then at times it was torrential, monsoon like. In the past two days we have had 4 inches of rain fall at our place. The ground is soggy and in places your wellies stick in the mud with that suction cup sound, known all too well by farmers with mud on their place.

In front of our house there was a small river running alongside the road. I am thankful we are on the top of a hill. The water always runs away from us.

There have been moments without rain today, tiny glimpses of blue peeking through the heavy gray clouds. Rain is needed in these parts, we try not to complain about it, but the forecast shows rain for the next 5 days.

The rain creates such beauty and yes, it can create destruction, but today on the flowers were droplets of water, tiny mirrors, and on some blooms the water sat like a fat balloon on the top of the flower.

The grapes on our vines are swelling with goodness with all this rain right now. It seems they grow bigger by the hour.

I took a drive into town to do a bit of shopping and stopped to snap some photos of the road that runs next to the police station. The road is called Buffalo Creek and I suspect you can figure out why when you see the picture. The entire road becomes part of a rushing creek in heavy rain.

Perhaps tomorrow Emery and I can do some hiking and check out our favorite creeks. I have missed taking our long adventuresome hikes. Hours on the trail, listening, and being on the lookout for the wonders of nature. The fresh air, the testing of your physical strength and the satisfaction of accomplishing something a difficult. Not to mention the health benefits and the time to talk with almost no interruptions.

There is something almost magical about fast running water, viewed from safety that is. The power of swift water is thrilling to me, even though it brings to mind some white water rafting I would rather forget. The White River that runs along the New Hampshire Vermont line is not a gentle river in the spring !

I am baby sitting this afternoon while Melanie and Casi food shop at the Hong Kong Market. I sent them off with a list of things I needed too. They were also planning on having lunch at Pho 95, a favorite restaurant of ours. If you have never tried Pho, give it a try, its yummy.

I will soon have DSL which will make my life much easier, dial up has tested my patience on more than one occasion. We are stepping into the modern age, slowly yes, but we are advancing. Always keeping real and in touch with the simple ways we have chosen for our life. Never loosing our focus on the things we know keep our life less stressed.

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