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Modern Technology, Its Gifts and What It Robs From Us.

Recently I read a few articles that say, 2014 will be a year when people start to take back some of the things technology has taken from us.  Mostly, social interaction in the here and now.  People have discovered that some things in our lives have gone a bit off balance with all the gadgets we have in our hands.   I feel that way too.  There are days when I feel like my iPhone is some sort of extension of me.   Feeling slightly panicked if I leave the house without it, as if I can no longer function properly without it.   There have been more than a few evenings when Emery and I are sitting right next to each other on the couch, me with my phone in my hand, checking my Facebook page and right next to me, Emery is checking his Facebook page.  Two people interacting with their cyber life.  That's not bad in itself, but it is kinda sad that we have allowed even a minute to be stolen like that.
Personally, I want to set some guidelines for myself in phone and computer use, the problem…

Time Flies

Earlier this week, I was going through a pile of papers that had somehow found its way into a box in the closet. In this box was a folder with paper dolls from my childhood and a stack of old newspaper clippings from the 1990's.   Of course, as often happens with cleaning out junk drawers and storage boxes, I sat there on the floor, reading each article, and fingering through the well loved paper dolls.  I felt good seeing the articles about my girls and their business enterprises and seeing how busy they were as youngsters, but at the same time, there was a tinge of something akin to sadness at how fast time has flown by.  It wasn't quite sadness that I felt, but more like a longing for just a bit more of those days when the children were all home.  It seems it went by so fast.  Of course, I delight in life as it is now, so much love in my life, so much joy in each day.  I love watching my children's lives unfold and watching them as parents do the very same things we did…

A Moment in My Day

Cold, damp morning, wood stove chasing away the chill. Smoke from the chimney shrouding the south side of the house in a pale gray veil. Birds, many in number, feeding at the feeders. Singing from time to time. The sound of Emery chopping wood, a sound somewhere between a clunk and a splitting noise. And, the sound of the chain saw, for when the wood needs to be bucked. The house seems to sigh in contentment as the cold mixes with the warm on its old wooden frame. It's a perfect morning. Coffee brews, while cornbread bakes. 
Time is slow, the day easy.  Time for watching birds, for knitting on a sweater for our soon to arrive grandson.  No music, no television, no distractions.  Just the simplicity of the day. Life is good.