Monday, May 21, 2007

Baby stuff and Gratitudes

Just a quick little post sharing one of my great finds at Goodwill this week. A crochet sweater and hat for $2. I love how dainty it is and love the price even more.
Mei-Ling wore her first smocked outfit today. She had one tiny shoes at one point also. We went to the pharmacy and took opportunity to introduced Mei-Ling to our friend there. He was thrilled to hear her name, its his wife's mothers name too !

In the past few weeks I have had so much to be grateful for, to feel blessed about.
Mei-Lings birth
Her coming home from the NICU
Melanie healing after a long difficult recovery
Rain after such a long drought
Roses in bloom
Fruit on all our fruit trees
Grape vines heavy with bunches of grapes
Children who tell me they love me
A husband that makes my heart leap when I see him
E-bay (yes, I am grateful for e-bay)
Sweet Kosher wines
Organic cotton socks
Watching a baby sleep
Knowing what is important and what isn't
Not being burdened down with too much stuff
being able to read insightful books
Digging potatoes in the garden
A new collection of Alcott stories I had not read before
Having the windows open
realizing that being an individualist is a good thing
Rediscovering a Joan Biaz album
new wallpaper for the baby quest room
The softness of kittens
Stars twinkling on a navy blue sky
Trees full of leaves
A comfortable bed !


Aisling said...

We'll have to compare notes on the book of Alcott stories. I have one I got this winter with a gift certificate that I am just starting to read. It is new to me too (though I've been reading her work since I was 9 years old!) I wonder if it is the same book!

Mei-Ling is just precious.

2 LMZ FARMS said...

That has to be the sweetest baby I have seen. She is so beautiful.You make wonderful pictures. Wish I had that kind of talent.
You have the kind of love and life that I would love to have. When I feel bad and down I come to your sight, the things you write uplifts me soooo much. I don't think you know how much of an inspiration you have been to me since I have found your site. Thank you. You have made me look at life in a whole different light and made me a different person(on for the better).

Marci said...

Oh Pat, I am LOVING these pictures of that baby. She is adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

Debra said...

Patty, the sweater/hat set is beautiful as is Mei Ling.. I am sorry to hear Melanie has mastitis. I have suffered from multiple bouts of this over the year since Andrews birth- too much stress in my life. Tell her to get lots of rest- it is what she needs. I know you are taking awesome care of her and the baby.

Peggy said...

Beautiful granddaughter! Wonderful blessings you have had this past week. May you have another blessful one this week!

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