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Nothing Much To Do These Days, Right ????

Not much going on in my life right now, so thought I would paint the kitchen.....o.k., so there is a lot going on right now in my life, such as 26 days and counting till the wedding.
I took off my oh so chic clothes and opted for the one and only tee shirt I own beside my Hummer/Bummer tee shirt from Whole Foods. Put on these outrageously huge paint splattered, modern art on the seat, Capri's. I forgot to comb my hair as inspiration hit late last night and I woke up running. The kitchen was part of my past, that Amish look and I needed to move on. Now we are going to have a French Country White look with perfect art work on the walls, (yet to be found) or perhaps I will paint a mural, one never knows what can happen in any given 24 hours around here.
Somewhere in between painting, and pulling off shelves that once held gallon jars of flour, sugar, oats and that sort of thing, I made a pretty tasty lunch of meat loaf, steamed new red potatoes served with fresh from the garden t…

Grinding Wheat Together

When Blogger likes me better, I will add the photo that was intended to go with this. I gave up after 6 attempts at uploading it !

For some time now, perhaps a couple years, I have been watching people. Listening to their life stories, and hearing the same theme deep within each line.
Some people want to take for the hills, and homestead. Changing life completely. Getting " Off Grid" and seeking their peace and happiness that way. Other folks, eat too much, trying to numb the things they are feeling, mostly loneliness, even with people all around them. Others shop till they drop and end up with credit card debt so beyond what they can pay off, they are visiting the Doctor for depression in no time. Fights over money the biggest reason for divorce in the country.
Some or many have jobs that stink. There is little of no loyalty on either end. Bosses on ego trips. Maybe they are out of control in their personal lives so they become office Control Freaks, trying to control everyone…

Edwins Wife, Georgiana Heckbert

A bit more history.... Edwins wife, Georgiana Burns Richardson Heckbert painted this watercolor that bears the title "The Alley, Astoria, Oregon ." Georgiana was born in 1879-1964. This painting was exhibited in 1940 at the Portland Art Museum "All Oregon Show". She was a Member of Oregon Society of Artists .
If I could encourage anyone in one thing, it would be to seek to know your roots. Know the people you came from.
I am fortunate regarding my family history as it has been so well documented through the years. Its wonderful to have all this information to pass on to the next generation. My family seems to be good at record keeping and sharing amongst ourselves pictures, stories and history.
Ask questions, be brave and call relatives to ask them things. Search the internet. In this busy world where we become more scattered daily, its good to be connected to family. If your family is less than, shall we say easy to work with. Start from your generation and buil…

A Grand House and A Legacy

Family history is important to me. I feel a sense of belonging to a valuable legacy by knowing who did what in my family. Its not the grandeur that they lived in that is important to me, it certainly is fun to see but its what they did for society and how they handled themselves in life that matters. The Legacy.
I have shared with you the legacy of my Great great grandmother, Francis "Fannie" Heckbert and shared her obituary with you. Now a bit about one of her sons. Edwin Ernest Heckbert. He was a Harvard law school graduate. Having a practice in Portland Maine until the fatal accident of his 12 year old son. Daniel had been carried on the shoulders of a servant and accidentally dropped. They reserved a train car and took him to Boston to the hospital there but he died. After this, Edwin and his wife Georgiana moved to Portland Oregon. She became a rather well known artist in the Pacific Northwest. They had another child who just recently passed away at the age of 91.
As I wa…

Some of the Gifts

Just a sample of some of the wonderful gifts from the shower. She got so many lovely things I wish I could share them all, but that would take LOTS of pictures.

Melanie's Bridal Shower in Pictures

What a delightful bridal shower ! About 20 ladies attended. No big modern production, just an intimate gathering of friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Melanie received beautiful gifts, all chosen with good taste. Melanie was given more than one HELLO KITTY gift, which really put a smile on her face.
Wonderful carrot cake with a pumpkin mousse filling was served with coffee and cold drinks.
The hostesses were gracious and welcoming to everyone. Casimir's family are as charming and warm as he is. Melanie is blessed to have such nice future in laws. Casi's sisters, aunts and mother are wonderful people. .
As always I came away feeling like I talked too much or tried to "entertain the troops" more than needed. How I wish it was my nature to be demure and quiet !
Life is a learning experience and hopefully by the time I am 60 I will learn to be that mysterious quiet woman in the corner : )

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. As I was getting ready to wrap Melanie's present for the shower I realized the gift bag I got was too small. Not a bit of wrapping paper in this house that would work so I took a bit of the leftover fabric from the flower girls dresses and wrapped the package. When done, I thought, wow that looks good and looks like I am working with the theme of the wedding.
I was quite pleased with the results, if I should say so myself !
Off to have a little something to eat, perhaps just a small dish of yogurt with some berries. Planning to have a bit of cake and some tid bits at the shower so am planning accordingly.

Home Made Soap

Today I want to take a little gift to my two friends that are hosting Melanie's bridal shower.
My home made soap seems to be my gift of choice for them as they both love it.
I have been making soap for about 15 years. Its rewarding to make something you use everyday and that other people enjoy. For several years I made soap to sell and at the same time I taught so many ladies how to make it, that they all began selling it too. Their need for pocket money greater than mine. For me, soap making is just a hobby. I was happy for them to take up the mantle of soap making. I just have a handfull of customers now, they are the ones who say they cannot live without it. Sweet, kind ladies they all are.
I took out my boxes of soap and picked up a few pieces and smelled each one separately. Amber Rose dark in color from the amber, a romantic scented soap. There is the old standby of Goat Milk soap with oatmeal and aloe. Good for your skin, practical soap.
But my all time favorite …

Evening Meal

Most of the meals in this house are served on salad plates. With the exception of when we have company or Steven is here for supper. His appetite requires a LARGE plate.
We eat too much in this country. Our servings way too big. Smaller portions served on small plates is one way to help.
I love the line in the movie French Kiss, where Kate is talking about Juliette and how she (Juliette) cuts her meat into such tiny little bites and eats so little.
A lesson to be sure, as Juliette has a gorgeous shape.
Tonight's menu, cucumber sliced, rice with fire roasted red and yellow peppers, onions, garlic and a sprinkling of shredded carrots added in the final moments of steaming the rice. I do wish I had added something with a bit more color to the plate. But I made do with what I had on hand.
Mahi Mahi with a bit of olive oil, tarragon and basil.
Blueberries with a bit of whipped cream for dessert, accompanied with some fine champagne.

Generations of Weddings

With all the wedding plans, I was thinking about the weddings in my family through the generations.
I eloped so there are two slides of our wedding. Not one print. I had the flu so bad the day before our wedding, my photos are less than glamorous.
But still, we should have one made into a print for history sake.
My great grandparents, William Seward Neil and Alberta Jane Hines were married as the century turned and although their wedding photo shows the damage of the years, it is still a treasure. But how serious they looked on their special day !
Emery's grandparents, Loren Franklin Lockwood and Anna Levina Haun were married on the 30th of June 1912, he was 21 and she was 25.
My grandparents (maternal) eloped so no photos exist from their wedding. My grandmother was 17 and my grandfather 18.
My mother and father, married in 1942. He was in the Marines at the time and looked quite dashing in his uniform. They were married in my grandparents home. I can't find the picture …

Rock Climbing Girl

Here is my other sweet daughter Melissa having fun rock climbing. Oh how I miss having her live close. She is such a good combination of classy young woman and outdoor girl.
In less than a month she will be here visiting and I can't wait.

More morning pictures

Life is pretty relaxed when you can watch the wax drip on the candle !
Breakfast took 20 minutes today. Exactly. I had the timer set as I was dying my hair. Dye the hair, eat and then wash that gray away. Oh yes, a full head of gray hair is my dream, but all gray hair and not just this skunk stripe in front.
My sister Sandy has the most beautiful steel gray hair, and I envy her so much. I seem to be graying at about the same rate she did, so am hopeful that in a few years I will have hair like hers. But in the mean time, the stripe had to go. Natural dye, not to worry. Vanity, oh yes ! Admittedly.
The other kitty is Ling Ling. Melanie named the kitties can you tel ? We are keeping two kittens since our beloved Brennon died, leaving a bit of a hole in all our hearts. So we have 4 cats once again. Mr. Fergus MacSnow is so out numbered. 20 chickens, 4 cats, and just the one soccer playing, barking farm dog.

Two More Morning Photos

One of our kittens, Tuk-tuk (pronounced took-took) waiting for his breakfast

A cloudy Sunrise

Good Morning

Morning time is always special to me. Its a time of discovery. Birds and little creatures busy with the new day, often ones not seen in the afternoon or evening.
The day, new and unfolding with all the joys to be had. In a new day there are so many chances to improve our thought patterns, to be kinder, gentler and more wise. Each new day we have opportunity to grow past the things that don't serve us well. To put aside jealously, envy, and wishes to "get even" or make a point that isn't really necessary. Things that can be on a grand scale or just with our loved ones in our home, that no one else ever sees. Including righteous indignation that is for our purpose alone, but with a title that eases our conscience. Wars are raged over such thoughts. Sleepless nights for others who hold on to that type of thinking. Peace is so much better.
We can grab hold of each new day with enthusiasm, no matter how difficult our situation and seek out the beauty arou…

Goodwill Hunting

Since dumping most of my clothes in the last couple weeks, I have had such good reason to visit Goodwill. I need some new clothes. Our local store is great, they have fantastic stuff come in a couple times a week.
Today I found this darling little silver tussie-mussie for 50 cents complete with flowers and bow, and these brand new baby bibs for 59 cents each. Yes, I am anxious for grand-babies !
I found a myself a chic royal blue silk jacket and a Jones New York gray cotton knit shell, still with tags on. They were both under $4 each. Both are hanging on the line, otherwise I would share pictures of them.
You just can't beat the prices and there is some sort of excitement that comes with finding a great bargain.
They have frequent shopper cards there, after ten $10 purchases you get $10 off your next purchase. Those purchases are so sweet.
Here's to bargain shopping and the joy of other folks cast offs !

Care vs Neglect

Less than a mile separates these two buildings and yes, one is rather grand and one rather humble by comparison, but still you can learn from the obvious. One is cared for and one is neglected.
The little building would be quite nice had it not be left to ruin. Its humble stature has little to do with its condition. It would be a nice building had the trim been kept up and the building painted. It would be a quaint shop with freshly washed windows, perhaps some shutters of a contrasting color. Trim, neatly painted and perhaps a new roof. Had those things been maintained through the years the work would never have gotten so out of hand. Keeping things in order makes light work. The weeds and grass over grown, making the place look forlorn. The broken windows remind one of a haunted scary sort of place.

Now the big building is well maintained. Manicured grounds, gleaming windows, and no object left to wrack and ruin.
If given the choice I would much rather spend a day in the wel…

There Was A Man In My Closet

O.K. its true this picture was a set up. Emery is a good sport and consented to letting me set up this picture to go along with what I wanted to write about. To give you a visual. Have a laugh or two. Funny thing is this man never wears tee shirts, he is a dress shirt man 100% of the time. Not even a polo shirt to be found in his closet. But that is another story. He is classy all the way.
This week on a list I belong to, the conversation was about "getting the man out of your closet". Simply, getting rid of the clothes that you own that a man could and would wear.
It is about being feminine, being chic, being modest, whichever phrase you choose and for whatever reason you choose, women just look better in clothes that are feminine.
So having this light bulb moment of "getting the man out of my closet", I went through my dresser and found lots of tee shirts, actually purchased in the men's department. I liked the men's simply because they are long…

Simple Pleasures in Life

Today on my walk, I found bits of beauty all around....
geese, an empty nest and a rose

Limoncello and Sunflowers

A late lunch surrounded by the sounds of a summer afternoon . On my plate,
crackers, cheese, an orange and a very slowly sipped glass of Limoncello.


It's common knowledge, the more you walk, the more you can walk.
Nothing deterred me from walking today,
not even approaching rain clouds. The air heavy as if the clouds and the dew laden land met, filling the air with moisture that hung like a damp rag around my neck.
I dressed kinda cute for my walk. Combed my hair all nice and put on some make-up. Twenty steps from the house, my hair was frizzled with the humidity and my make-up seemed to be sliding off my face, it wasn't thankfully, but it felt that way.
It was early yet, so the sidewalk my own. Flowers blooming here and there. Some lawns green from tender care and watering, others parched with deep cracks in the soil. Like so many things in life, it depends on the amount of care given as to how it looks.The University, deserted. Not yet time for the influx of fall students and not many summer students around it appears.
As is my custom, I head right for the library. They have stairs. No need to buy a stair mast…

# 2 & # 5 are the Big Winners

It appears that # 2 & # 5 are the big winners. So they decided to choose between those two pictures.
They have opted to frame #6 after turning it into a sepia photo, framing it, hanging it in their living room and jokingly have plans on telling their children and grand-children, " this is the day before our wedding, when we met for the first time and the dowry was discussed".
Such fun to be 23 !
Thanks to all for your input. You made this great fun.

Rose Colored Glass

Beautiful morning, with not a care in the world. I head out to the back of our land, where quiet reigns. Basket in hand, hat on my head and camera in tow.
I set the table with my Michael Miller fabric, springtime in Paris. Its just a yard I bought, not finished, never seem to be able to decide what to do with it. It works perfect for a table cloth this morning and I wonder if that is going to be its fate.
Blueberries and croissant. Iced water. My most pressing thoughts are, do I eat one berry at a time or two at a time. With one, they last so deliciously long, but if one is sour, it is not mixed with a sweet one in the mouth. A gamble to eat one alone, but I choose to be risky. I peel the croissant in layers, one at a time, bit by bit. I am alone and can make up my own table manners if I feel like it. Each buttery layer, a magnificent treat. It takes me ever so long to eat it this way. Birds singing all around me. Some creature stirs the undergrowth at the edge of the woods…

Bridal Shower Outfit

Melanie's bridal shower outfit arrived today so she tried it on, still had on her wedding jewelry and not the silver jewelry we have for this outfit but she was anxious to see how it fit. Of course I had to snap a picture.
Its a soft peach color with silver bead work and embroidery. She has on peach beaded khussa's (shoes) to match which can't be seen in the picture.
Her shower will be this Saturday at 2, hosted by dear friends of mine. It will be a delightful day I am sure.
For Melissa's bridal shower, we had a formal tea and what fun we had at that. I wish she was not so far away.