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"Thankful For What ? "

Thankful for What ?
Not for the mighty world, oh, Lord, tonight, Nations and kingdoms in their fearful might; Let me be glad the kettle gently sings, Let me be thankful... just for the little things. Thankful for simple food and supper spread, Thankful for shelter and a warm, clean bed, For little joyful feet that gladly run To welcome me when my day's work is done. Thankful for friends who share my joy and mirth, Glad for the warm, sweet fragrance of the earth, For golden pools of sunlight on the floor, For peace that bends above my lowly door. For little friendly days that slip away With only meals and bed, and work and play, A rocking-chair and kindly shining light, For little things... let me be glad tonight ~Edna Jaques~
Looking out the living room window, watching the smoke from the chimney mix in with the branches of the Red Oak More color in the trees than I have seen in many years here.

A Busy Week

Its been a busy week, as most of my weeks are.  By choice.  I like to be busy.  Working hard during the day, always gives me sweet sleep at night and there is something very comforting to me, knowing I did not waste the hours given me.  Now, I know how to take breaks and rest too, and my busy-ness is at my own pace these days, but still, I am no fan of idle moments.  I can thank my Mennonite years for this mindset.  I grew up spoiled in regard to working.  I never did dishes growing up or picked my toys up.  I learned how to do many crafts as a young lady, and learned to cook but never had to clean up after myself. Living on our homestead and seeing the other Mennonite women, work joyfully and with a contentment I had never known in my youth, was a major turning point in my life.   I am forever grateful for learning what it means to work with joy in my heart.  This week, I had fun making a Sami style jacket and hat for Axel.  Celebrating his Sami roots. His other Grandmother is Finnis…

First Snow

Snow flurries in North Texas always creates a big stir.  Snow flurries in November creates big news.  It was only a dusting for us but still, it was exciting. My old New England sensibilities, make me chuckle a bit, thinking about folks getting excited about some snow flurries that just sprinkle the ground like powdered sugar.  Granted, it was cold this morning and I did enjoy seeing the white stuff around but inside I am thinking about the blizzards I have been through and wind chills to -50 F.   We had a low of 23 F this morning with a wind chill of 13 and it felt plenty cold getting out of bed.   Getting the fire going in the stove was the first order of business.  Two pieces of newspaper and two pine cones to get it going quick.  I didn't want to have to baby those flames along.   Emery was busy hauling out hot water for the critters to drink.  They were all very appreciative.   As soon as the fire was holding its own, I was out in the kitchen stirring oatmeal and making coffe…
Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.
~ Albert Camus ~

looking out my living room window

A Taste of Winter

Flannel shirt, jeans, wool socks and a warm cozy fire.  Our first winter like day.  Eggs just gathered, frying on the wood stove, hot cocoa with marshmallows in steaming cups on the table.  Toasted slices of cranberry pistachio bread, sit on the plates.  Its a perfect morning.  Wind blowing outside, tossing leaves from their branches and flying through the air like wondrous confetti.  Acorns, walnuts, pecans and pine cones falling on the tin roof of the barn, causing me to jump each time a new one falls. This is my second most favorite time of the year.  Winter holding first place.  This is the time of preparations, of settling in for the cold weather ahead.  Soon enough, the brief but welcome by me, snow will fly for a day or two here in Texas and I will sit and enjoy the blanket of purity that will cover the land and create that winter silence that delights my soul.

An Ordinary Day, Or Is It ?

For me, ordinary days are not always so ordinary.  To be honest I am not even sure I know what an ordinary day would look like.  There are just too many variables in my life to have much of a routine.  But there is a theme through each day, and perhaps that is where I can claim some connection to the word "ordinary"    Well, after I wrote that, I shook my head and thought aloud, "no, it seems to me that each and every day is honestly "extraordinary". 
Just waking up, makes each day so much more than ordinary.   Seeing the blue sky with clouds that look like wool stuck to a fence makes the day special.  Hearing my grandson tell me, "Grammie, you have a good "program" going here, you can watch birds right from the porch" or seeing jars of bright red candy jelly, sparkle in the sunlight as I remove them from their hot bath. Its just the simple things, things that money doesn't buy that make each day extraordinary.  Rocking a little one to s…

Creating A Life You Don't Need A Vacation From

Now that my husband is retired, it seems that many folks assume we will be heading off on one adventure after another, travelling the world, seeing new things etc etc etc.  And, yes, we have spent a few hours thinking we would love to go here or there but then we always seem to end up laughing about our plans because they have a theme, the same theme, over and over.  Go so place nice and quiet, where we can sit by the fire, sit on a porch and watch the beauty of nature all around us.  Do some hiking and just enjoy each others company.  Sounds wonderful, and then we realize that we are making these plans while sitting on the back porch, watching Red Shouldered Hawks fly past us.  Observe our friendly crows, Edgar, Allen and Poe, come in for their meals, three times a day, like clockwork.  Or in the evening we listen to the coyotes yip and hear the foxes scream off in the distance, while the Great Horned Owls call one another from their respective trees.  We often make these amazing tri…

Prayers Please

Our daughter Melanie was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  She is very sick, fever, vomiting, rapid heart rate, and she was having trouble breathing.  As of tonight, they have no idea what is causing her to be so sick.  Would appreciate prayer for her and for the doctors so that our girl can be feeling good again.   Her little ones are missing her so much. And, its so hard to see her so sick.

A Morning Ramble

Its been a very busy morning.  Emery is down the road building a chicken house for our daughter and I have been busy peeling apples for more apple pie filling to can.  We woke to a rather chilly morning, 36 F (2 C) so the first order of business was to get chores done and build a good fire in the stove.  While doing chores we discovered a mole seems to like the nice soft soil of our back garden as well as we do.   Naturally, it will be a territory war at some point.    
I love being busy, which you would know instantly if you were to visit us.  Next to my corner of the sofa is a large basket of knitting projects and in another corner of the room you would see wool needed to be spun into yarn and some just waiting to be needle felted into toys for the little ones.   At present, our dinning room table has three cases of canning jars on one end and the sewing machine on the other end with a quilting project laid out.  On the chair next to the sewing machine, more diapers to be sewn for gr…