Friday, May 25, 2007

A Picture Says It All

Sometimes a picture just says it all. Its a lazy day around here, even the cat is lounging. Its gray and rainy. Perfect day for a good book, a cup of tea and maybe even a good day for watching one of my favorite movies, "The Secret of Roan Inish." Watching that movie means the tea has to be Barrys Gold !


kcamou said...

It is a lazy day here in Memphis too. I'm not sure if I've seen that movie, I'll have to check it out, thanks!

Cathi said...

I live in Ireland...let me know if you need a replenishment of Barry's tea!

Glad to see Mei-Ling is doing well and growing strong!

Cathi in Ireland

Patty said...

Thanks Cathi ! I grew up in Boston where it is said there are more tri colors flying than in Ireland : ) So I grew up with Barrys and to me there is none better.
We would also stock up on Irish delights at every feis when the kids were dancing. Now that no one is dancing anymore, I may have to let you know when I need tea !

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