Saturday, December 31, 2016

Winter Morning

Nature is sleeping, it is winter. The vibrant colors have faded, replaced by subtle shades of fade. Beauty can still be found all around, in shapes, and in the puffed up feathers of the birds, chasing off the morning chill. The sun, dulled by a sky filled with ice crystals, has an ethereal beauty that stirs the soul. The bare branches, showing their form and shape, delicate like the veins in the hand of an well used hand. How blessed we are to have eyes to see and words to express the beauty around us. Life is amazingly wonderful !

Friday, December 30, 2016

The Christmas Season

I was putting away some of my Christmas decorations and feeling a bit sad, since I love the Christmas season so much. All the vibrant colors, the scents and the joyfulness that goes along with the holidays. I sat down for my breakfast, using my favorite, Twas the Night Before Christmas dishes and smiling at how the decorations, casually sitting on the table near me, waiting to be put away in a box for another year, matched my breakfast dishes so nicely. It was nice to take a quiet little break and just enjoy the last of the Christmas season.
Its been a very busy month for me, both my daughter and father were in the hospital at the same time, on the same floor of the hospital.  There have been many issues to deal with regarding my Dads failing health that have kept me a bit stressed and very busy seeking the resources he needs in order to stay in his apartment as is his wish.   
Christmas eve, there were four generations at my table, ages 2-95.  I felt so blessed, so full of this love that spanned the generations.   We laughed, we ate, we shared fond memories and complained a bit about the very warm weather.  It always feels a bit "wrong" to have windows and doors open on Christmas eve.  We all like that winter feel of the season.  Warm sweaters, hats and gloves.  Warm puffs of air kissing the dark cold night as we say goodnight to one another at the door.  As the evening came to an end, with the little ones anxious to go to bed so Santa could come, I gathered all 5 grandchildren around me and read, "Twas The Night Before Christmas" to them,  hardly glancing at the words as I so long ago memorized this wonderful poem.   I felt so full of love, so full of hope, and so delighted that we could all be together.  
So, this morning, as I ate my breakfast, smiling at the words that go round the tea cup, I felt a bit sad that the holidays are over for another year.    
On January 2nd, I will start making presents for next Christmas, filling my special red hat box with socks, hats, hand made sheep, deer and bunnies.  Life is good.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

The True Beauty of The Season

The Christmas season is one of my all time favorite times of the year.   I love the colors, the scents, the tastes, the laughter, the elements of anticipation and surprise.  I find joy in the happiness of this holiday.   But, the most important aspect for me is the true beauty of the season, the love.  The love that was born so long ago, that we celebrate during this season.  The transforming love that came from one life, one tiny baby, born in a stable.  Humility personified.  An example of how to live our lives with compassion, non-judgment, and empathy.  We celebrate all the good things in life at this time and many of us, seek to find deeper meaning in the way we live our lives at this time of the year.  Seeking to be more like Christ.  To look past the shopping madness and look inward and in turn, manifest goodness to those we love, to those less fortunate and for those with deep aches in their hearts. 
This is what the holiday season is about, the true meaning.

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