Thursday, October 24, 2013

Out of Surgery

While Melanie was in surgery, the children were busy playing outside at our house and enjoying a picnic lunch by the garden.  Our son Steven stayed with Melanie all morning as her husband could not get off work and I was home with the children.  What a good son we have !  He is a devoted brother to his sisters.   The Doctor said all went well and that Melanie should be back in her room pretty soon.  Thank you all for the prayers and good thoughts.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Prayers For Our Daughter Melanie

Our sweet daughter, Melanie will be having surgery first thing in the morning.  She started feeling quite ill late this afternoon.  Sharp pains in her lower stomach.  Appendicitis.  Would appreciate your prayers for her.  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Our Little Home

by Edgar A Guest
Eight rooms and bath, a cellar, too, a little patch of mother earth,  Above it just a stretch of blue, it makes no difference what it's worth,  t's home to me, and more and more I grow to love it every day, And when at night I pass the door, it's there I always want to stay. The furniture, perhaps, is not so fine as other folks possess,  But it's a mighty cosy spot, and shelters in our happiness;  The pictures on the walls aren't much, our tapestries aren't extra fine,  But everything I see or touch holds joy for me because it's mine. Within these unpretentious walls are love and laughter finely blent;  Rich men may have their marble halls, they cannot shut out discontent,  And were this house a mansion grand I could not any happier be,  For here I have at my command all that the world can give to me.

Simple Gifts

 I was just outside doing chores, feeding chickens, etc.  While outside, all I could think about is how I am living my perfect life. So much time outside, playing in the dirt or caring for the animals. Watching the seasons come and go. Enjoying the cool of the morning, this morning is actually COLD. Bringing in wood for the stove, wearing mud boots, watching the squirrels prepare for winter. Seeing the many kinds of birds at the feeders. Wool socks, baggy hoodie, haven't brushed my hair yet for the day. At peace. Content. Grounded. And, full of gratitude for feeling like I honestly have it all.  My dream life has been fulfilled.  God has graciously given me all I ever wanted.  Maybe it was an easy desire for Him to grant, since I have never wanted wealth, fame, a big fancy house, all that sort of thing.  I wanted simple gifts and lots of love. A family that brings such joy, to not feel lonely.  I am content with the beauty of nature far more than heading off to any mall shopping.  I love being home.  Being surrounded by the things I dreamed of from the time I was 14.  Life is good and I love all the simple gifts that fill each day.

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's A Beautiful Morning

Its a beautiful morning.  Sunshine.  Both porches provided pretty views of the sun coming up.  This morning has been spent with a prayer on my lips for Mei-Ling, she has just had her CT scan of her spine, and now waiting to see the Doctor to find out if she can remove her Cervical Collar.  The poor child has been wearing it 24/7 for the past 6 months.  Her skin under her chin and on her neck is so irritated from the collar, no matter how much padding, or all the creams to make it better.  Not once has she ever complained.  Her heart is always so filled with gratitude for the smallest of things.  Each day at school she sits on the sidelines and sees the other children play at recess and is reminded over and over not to jump, to be careful when she runs and told "no" she cannot climb, but again, never a complaint or a woe is me kind of attitude.  A lesson for all us adults I think.   Praying for good news !

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Refreshing Rains

The Summer heat is finally gone for the year.  The rains of fall time have returned and the green has returned.  It seems as if we have a mini spring in autumn.  The roses are once again in bloom, and that vibrant green has returned to the grass.  New leaves appear on some of the shrubs.  This morning we woke to 44 F.  A chill in the air that feels so welcome.  The garden is growing inches each day.  We had nearly 4 inches of rain over the past few days.  Just perfect for growing the fall garden.   Our rain barrels are all full too.  Its time for putting on "Wellies" each morning now as I go about the outdoor chores.  I love it !  Our conversations center around subjects like getting the wood stove all cleaned up for the winter ahead and about getting our kindling ready.   Its time for weekend hikes and walking around with binoculars around our necks watching for migrating birds.  We talk about where the sun is shining in the windows in late afternoon.  We would so be the type of family to make in stone where the sun rises and sets if we lived a thousand years ago.  We are always taking notes about the such things.  
Living with awareness of the seasonal changes around us.    Life is interesting, never boring.  Life is good.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Comfortable In My Own Skin

 "Being comfortable in your own skin and content with your own company is a magical gift to yourself and everyone in your life."
~Patricia Alexander, Book of Comforts~

 Something occurred to me this morning as I was walking around our land and later sitting on the porch with my coffee, just watching the clouds go by.  That now, at nearly 60 years of age, I am truly comfortable in my own skin.  Measuring my success in life by my own goals and dreams, not by the ones out there in the world, telling me what the measuring stick looks like.  I am finally beyond those little moments of looking at other peoples lives and thinking, "I wish I had that .." whatever "that" happened to be at that moment.  It might not have been a material thing, it could have even be, having more children or more time.   But, in the last little while I realized with a completeness and contentment that has not been there before, a comfort in knowing I am right where I need to be, right where I want to be.  My spirituality is mine, and I am comfortable with where it is going.  My lifestyle, as eclectic as it is, is me.  We are living the life we sort of created without having much of a blueprint other than doing what we loved, what felt right for us. It honestly feels magical to us.  Each night, we sit together on the couch and laugh at how eccentric we are and how much happiness fills our lives.   Our children are amazing adults, our grandchildren are amazing children.  Creative little free spirits.  Full of imagination, intelligence and a freedom to be who they are.  Our children are great people, and that's what our life's mission has been, to create an atmosphere where our children could be comfortable in their own skins, long before we reached that point in life.  Our lifestyle reflects our desire to live uncomplicated lives.  To live without being tied to what mainstream USA tells us we have to have.  To see the wonder of creation in all that is around us, to be able to have time to be who we are meant to be, authentically.  I feel a bit like I have finally arrived home.  I have finally put to rest the need to wonder if I am doing it right.  I know for certain that I am doing "it" right for me.  A tailored life for me.  Made for me life.  A good fit and one that leaves me feeling so very comfortable and content.  Life is good.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Going Slowly Through The Day

Its a gray day, heavy low clouds reaching to the ground it seems.  The air is heavy, rain on the way.  As soon as breakfast is done, I am cooking for the rest of the day, giving me the afternoon off shall we say.  Apple Cider Whole Wheat Doughnuts made for the weekend.  Supper made, just have to pop it in the oven this evening.   Later, I will head out for my almost daily swim, followed by time in the Sauna.  I plan on going slowly though this day, taking my time to smell the roses and soak in each and ever blessing that comes my way.  Some knitting time, some spinning time.  Some reading time.  I think we have gotten ourselves into a perpetual state of rushing, of never taking time to just think.  We are constantly multitasking, never fully engaged in one single thing.   While working on one thing, we are going over in our mind the next thing on this ever growing list of stuff to accomplish.  We have set the little ones up to be the same and then we wonder why they don't pay attention to us when we talk to them, well, they are just like us, planning the next thing on this list of life.   People seem to have problems just sitting and talking with one another, they are texting to another at the same time or talking on the phone while sitting across from friends at a restaurant.   One evening not long ago, Emery and I were guilty of just this kind of thing.  We were sitting on the sofa watching a favorite TV show and in our hands, our iPhones,  we were both checking our facebook and mail and I was texting all the while.  We laughed but saw the error of this.  Our moments together are precious, not to be given in fragmented pieces.    We corrected the situation by putting the phones away.  My promise to myself today, go slowly through this day, with one purpose at a time.  Connected to the present moment will all my focus.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Grandson !

Some happy news for our family, our daughter Melissa and her husband James just found out they are expecting a boy !  This will make 2 grandsons and three grand-daughters for us.  I am knitting with blue yarn and sewing all sorts of cute little boy things.  Our joy is bigger than words. 

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Pleasure of Weeding The Garden

Morning sunshine.  Brisk fall temperatures.  Dew sparkling on the grass, showing clearly all the adventures the ducks have made this morning.  Angel Trumpets blossoming, Weeds to be plucked from the damp soil. We often muse that weeds are simply misplaced flowers and plants.  An "eye" on the Burr Oak, watching us work.  Side by side we spend the day, working together to weed the garden.  The rains have made the plants grow fast but the weeds have grown faster.  The work completed and the sun sinks in the sky.  Dirt under our nails, our backs informing us that we are no longer 30 year olds.  A warm meal and a long chat on the porch about the days doings.  Much to be thankful for.  Pleasure found in this simple life of ours.  We love being so connected to the cycles of the seasons and in living an uncomplicated life.

Saturday, October 05, 2013


What joy it is to see this sweet child, with so many health issues, including caudal regression syndrome, which is reason we think something as simple as running, jumping and playing is nothing less than a miracle !   We had fun welcoming in the cold front that arrived as we were there.  First picture, in short sleeves and after that we were chilly with our sweaters on !


While the sun was coming up in the eastern sky, work was taking place in the garden.  Emery was busy pulling some of the bigger weeds, since the ground was still wet from recent rains.  Mei-Ling is visiting us this weekend, so she and I sat together on the porch, watching birds and later filling all the feeders.  We woke with great anticipation for the cold front heading our way.  It was warm and humid sitting on the porch, but we kept checking the radar to see how far away the front was.  We are anxious for sweater weather, even if its only for a few days right now.  A bit later in the morning we went to the local pond and greeted the cold front as it arrived.  What fun we had. A simple pleasure.  No fancy gear needed.  Just our feet for walking and our hands to express our joy.  Life is good.

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