Friday, May 25, 2007

Living in The Time I Was Born

In the past week, I have come to a realization. For many years, too many to count I have said things like, " I am just a dinosaur " " I was born a century too late" " I just don't seem to fit in modern times" etc etc. I loved the things of old, wishing I could just step back in time. I suspect that is why I learned to do so many things the old fashioned way. Spinning wool, candle making, soap making, cooking on the wood stove, and more. In a light bulb moment I saw that this desire to be in another time, be in another place in history, I was saying, that I was discontent in being who I was now, and not real grateful for where I was placed in this life. One might say, its a bit like saying to God, well I think you made a mistake in putting me here and now, so I am going to try and be what I want as much as I can.

I wonder now, if I had worked so hard on keeping the things I cherish about the old day, which are probably all seen with rose colored glasses, but if my time and energy had been spent on living within the present time facing life with the morals and the ethics I thought were only found in the olden days, I may have actually enjoyed where I am in time just a bit more.

Perhaps this wishing to live in another era is a bit of an escapism. That I am not sure about, but I do know that having so many things around me that are not from this time period, no longer gives me joy. It feels like trying to carry the past on my shoulders.
This is a bit hard to explain, but one thing I do know, my children would have liked it much better had they not lived in such an antiquated lifestyle !

So here I am, ready now to embrace where I am right now, embrace where God put me, not questioning the bigger picture.

In doing this, I can also move on so many of the things needed to live in the past. Its a good feeling, freeing.


Jan said...

Good idea, Patty. We can embrace "old" value and live in todays world. Some of us lived the antiquated lifestyle with our kids because of poverty. We moved on when we could. My kids appreciated knowing the value of hard work and are not really tied to "stuff" but I still realize it was poverty that had us do without so much. Now we appreciate what we have and try to share our abundance.

nancyr said...

Sometimes I think wives, mothers, women in general, are so "other-oriented" that we live in our own personal cocoons. When we are ready, we evolve into butterflies!
I think you have become a "butterfly"!

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