Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning Ramble

Monday mornings always feel like "catch up" day for me. There are almost always dishes in the sink, floors needing mopping and laundry needing to be done. Weekends are for fun and not for housework. I would rather spend every second with Emery than stand at the sink doing dishes. It works for us and has for nearly 30 years so why change now : )
The sky once again has that painting look to it. Almost too perfect in appearance. Small clumps of fluffy white clouds, against a perfectly blue sky. If you painted it just as it is, I suspect people would comment on how it looks like the backdrop in a local play, not quite real.

Melanie has mastitis. Poor kid has been through so much and now this. We are heading off to the Doctors this morning. Keep her in your prayers if you would.

Instead of sitting here, windows open beside me, slightest of breeze barely stirring the lace curtains, listening to the birds sing and the hum of the vehicles on the highway off in the distance, I should be out working in the garden a bit, but I feel lazy.
Perhaps I have learned the Art of Doing Nothing a bit too well.
In the guest room, both Melanie and Mei-Ling are sleeping so I don't want to make much noise cleaning. Glad I have an excuse to not clean.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, had mastitis myself several times and it hurts. The first time I had it Phill's grandad (who was a farmer) said "I thought only cows got that". Made me feel great - not! Anyway, prayers being sent your way for a fast recovery. The photos are just wonderful.

Jenny said...

Poor Melanie. I hope she manages to get through it without too many problems.

Marci said...

Poor Melanie. I am so sorry. I will pray for her.

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