Monday, November 14, 2016


I am not sure how it is that time has past so quickly that it has been months since I have posted.  We were sure that once we retired, we would have more time than we needed, but instead, it seems like we still need more hours each day to do all the things we want to.
The 3rd of November, Mei-Ling had a planned surgery to revise a previous surgery.  Everything seemed to go just fine, until it was discovered she had a pretty serious infection.  Emergency surgery was done last week and the next morning another surgery to do some additional repairs that were needed.   I think that was surgery #35 or somewhere around that number.  She is on isolation due to the infection and having an open wound.    It looks as if she will be hospitalized for many more days and she is beyond discouraged.  She hates missing school and no one likes being stuck in bed in a hospital room for this amount of time.  She cannot get out of bed, or leave her room.   My heart bleeds for her.  Today she had a little melt down, to which she is surly entitled and cried for quite some time.   She has been a real trooper, enduring pain which I cannot even imagine.  
I would love to have her flooded with get well wishes.  Fill her room with cards that will make her smile.  I am organizing a "card shower" for her, asking people to send her get well cards.   If you would like to participate, just email me at pasuhi54  @ for the address of the hospital.   You dear readers have been following her since she was a new born and I know so many of you feel like you know her.   She is still using the prayer quilt made for her several years ago.  
Thank you and of course, please pray for her to recover quickly. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Food For The Long Haul

A backpacking trip that lasts for weeks, requires lots of careful planning.  There are several lists posted on my refrigerator and one corner of the living room is piled high with what we will pack in the car as our resupply station.    I have been having so much fun making our meals for this trip.  All our meals will be of the "just add water" variety.  Little bags with complete meals fill our food storage container.   Freeze dried vegetables and fruits have made the preparation quite easy.  Instant rice, couscous, powdered eggs, dehydrated soy meat substitutes and milk have made it so these little meals are balanced and good tasting.
My dining room table resembled a little factory last week.    We saved a lot of money by making our own meals and not buying the already prepared backpacking meals.  Plus, I know first hand all that is in the meals and can easily adjust the seasonings to our personal preferences.

A New Adventure

It was at this same time last year, that we were preparing for our camping adventure in Colorado and New Mexico.  This year we are upping it a notch and adding in lots more backpacking trips, as we have next years trip in mind already.   This year we plan on heading to the Rocky Mountains and get some serious backpacking trips under our belts.   This is nothing new to us, hiking and backpacking have been a part of my life since I was 10 years old and as soon as we got married, nearly 38 years ago, I introduced it to Emery and he loved it from the start.  
Life is about living out your dreams and even more so when you are retired and have the time to do the things you love.  Such is the case for us.  We have the time to do what we love.  I recently read a quote about backpacking that made me laugh, simply due to the truth of it. It went something like this. . ." backpacking is where you spend a fortune to live like a homeless person."     This year our hikes require more equipment than in previous years.  Bigger backpacks, better rain gear, better water purifiers etc.  But next years adventure that's in the planning stages, hiking the nearly 500 miles of the Colorado Trail, will require even more !  But, what fun we are having and what fun we will have.  But beyond the beauty and serenity of our back country hiking, is something deeply profound.  We learn what we are made of, how strong our determination is.  In swimming, I have leaned that there are days when the first 500 meters are tough, but as soon as I push past that feeling of wanting to quit, I find that I can go on for so much further. Usually I manage to climb out of the water after 1500 meters, with a feeling of accomplishment that invigorates me for the rest of the day.  I have leaned that in many areas of life, once we push past the difficult stage, we can go on for so much longer.     I am looking forward to this years backpacking trip to discover more about what I can do at age 62.   I am excited about seeing new horizons, new mountain tops, and new paths.   We look forward to new challenges and so we are setting the bar higher each year.    Life is good, it really is.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Retirement Joy

What fun we are having being retired !  We thought time would slow down when we retired, but not so, it seems we don't have enough days in the week to accomplish all that we want to do.   Emery and I love spending every moment together and it seems we just laugh half of each day because we are having such fun. 
The Spring time was busy for us, gardens to get into shape after the winter, and we each had projects we were involved in.  For me, it was knitting socks for our late summer hiking and camping adventure, and for Emery, it has been keeping up with the gardens and having plenty of time to read the books on his list.   
At the end of April my dad, now 94 flew out to see us and will be leaving the middle of August.  How sad it will be to see him go.   He is doing well, but at this stage of his life, he is beginning to see some changes in what he can and cannot do.  Before he came out here, he did the difficult thing of selling his car and no longer driving.  Its been so hard on him.  He is an independent man. 
The Grandblessings are getting big, Mei-Ling is now 9 and has been doing great.  Soon Elizabeth will be 9 also.  Yen is now 6 and Victoria is soon to follow him.   Axel, he is two now and such a joy.  We are so blessed to have our children and grandchildren close and what joy it is to see them all often.   A close knit family is a source of great happiness.
Its now, hot summer here.  Heat indexes of over 100 for what seems like weeks on end.  The upcoming trip to the mountains will be a welcomed change of temperatures.
Soap was made last month and yesterday I trimmed the bars and have them stored away.  The lavender scent, filling the cabinet.   Daily we check the fig tree for just the right moment to pick and then dry the figs, and also keeping an eye on the Elderberry bushes.  We are out of elderberry syrup from last years harvest and I must say I am more than anxious to be restocked.   Elderberry syrup kept us free of colds and flu all winter, but when we ran out in April, I caught a nasty case of walking pneumonia.  No fun at all.
As you can see, we have been busy and I don't see any slowing down any time soon.  
Life is good and happiness and contentment fill each second of every day.   

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The Good Life

It's not icy today, but its certainly chilly outside as I bring in the laundry.  I was wishing I had my fingerless gloves on, but still I linger taking each piece down.  The sun is sinking in the western sky, bathing everything in a glorious golden glow.  The tree tops, the roof tops, and over all of the field across the road.  The birds are making their last visit of the day to the feeders and catching that gold from the sunshine on their wings as they dart about.  The sheets smell of cool, clean air as I fold them into the laundry basket.   How sweet we will sleep tonight on them.   I stand at the screen door for a minute, soaking in all the sights and sounds.   The chickens clucking near by and Miss Kitty tickling my leg with her fluffy tail.  Emery is finishing up his work on the house for the day. Old houses always seem to need something done to them and that is good in a way, as it keeps my retired man busy.   How blessed I feel as I walk through the back door and into the kitchen.  Freshly made bread filling the house with a wonderful smell.  The wood stove glowing with warmth, casting a copper reflection on the floor of the living room.  All is well, and for this and so much more, I thank God above. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Morning

Oh how quickly December is passing.  There are still more gifts to be made, time enough though to do them and baking to be done and still a bit more decorating.  I seem to decorate our bedroom last, every year.  I suppose thinking, that if it doesn't get done, not too many folks will know.   There are still flowers blooming in the garden.  We have never had Angel Trumpets in bloom this late in the year but we certainly are enjoying them.   The mistletoe in the tree tops are full of berries this year.  We will cut a few and hang them for kissing in the doorway.   How I love the dark mornings, I really do.  I light the candles and enjoy a hearty
breakfast, watching the sky lighten and the sun rise as we talk of the days plans.  We linger with that second cup of tea, enjoying the moment far too much to rush from the table.   The simple life is not a rushed life, even if the "to do" list is long.  There are no trips to the mall, or mad dashes to stores.  Our Christmas lists are filled with old fashioned planning.  Come to think of it, its been years since I have been shopping at a mall, I suspect the term, decade would suit just fine.   I never did buy into this massive Christmas shopping idea anyway.  A few well chosen gifts, that don't cost an arm and a leg is how we do it.  Never could imagine going into debt for gift giving and I sure would hate to think that someone went into debt getting me something.  Expensive gift giving for some folks is little more than a "look at me" type of thing. I said, some folks, not all.  In the olden days, it was a simple gift that meant the most.  But through time, we seem to have bought into the marketing schemes, hook, line and sinker and forgotten about being moderate when it comes to gift giving.   I look back on old family photos and wonder how things have changed so much.
Christmas, @ 1944 for a large family

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Saint Nicholas Day

Despite the fact that we no longer have children at home, we still put out wooden shoes on St Nicholas eve, hoping to find treats in them in the morning, provided we were good all year long !   We decided to each use one of Emery's wooden shoes, after all they are pretty big !   I must admit to looking through old photos and finding one of all the children's wooden shoes lined up waiting to be filled and feeling a bit sad that those days are gone, as if they didn't last long enough for us.  Time passes by so quickly.    How grateful I am for the grandblessings to daily remind us of the joy and preciousness of childhood.
We have so many friends that have gotten older and no longer enjoy the holidays, no longer decorate or care to remember the delight in picking out that special gift or seeing packages under the tree, even if they are just for one and you had to buy them yourself.  We all deserve to have fun and experience delight and the simple joy of looking at a decorated tree.  I still love finding a stocking filled with goodies on Christmas morning, even if I did purchase half of what is in there LOL.   Just because we have aged, and felt loss or pain, there is still plenty of reasons in life to have fun and keep awake those feelings we had as children during the Christmas season.  Treat yourself with love and never loose that sense of joy and delight that comes from making your holiday bright.  

Friday, December 04, 2015

This World We Live In

The news is so horrible these days.  Fear can grip you and squeeze you to the core, when you hear about all these shootings, so totally random.   You can find yourself wondering if you should go here or there.  No place seems beyond the reach of hatred.   When I start to think about all this, I tend to step back a bit further into our quiet life and be an ostrich for a while, completely happy to have my head in the sand for a bit.  To reaffirm in my mind that I was born a couple centuries too late.   To yearn for a quieter time, to mourn for the olden days when we had not even heard of the terms we use so often today on the news and social media.   This morning I had breakfast by candle light, as if to chase away the modern world.  I had my oatmeal in a pewter porringer, old and worn as if I could mingle the oatmeal with history.   We all need a respite from the insanity that rages around us.   I am reminded of the verse I love so well, Psalm 91:4   He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
We all need a time of being under His wings.