Walking Towards A Simple Life

Many stressed out folks are looking for a different way to live. Some try to jump right in and change everything at once, some take their time and add a few simple steps to their daily walk and find themselves ready to take on another aspect of the road less travelled.
But as long as you are trying to keep up with someone elses style of life, without having your own journey to simplicity, the walk to simplicity will never be yours, it will never be the right fit. It will not work right. We are all made differently, we don't have the same needs, desires, talents, and journey through life. Naturally there are some tried and true aspects of simple living that work for most people. Like, being comfortable in who you are....that's really the first aspect of simple living, it frees you from trying to keep up with the Jones' or saying things you are sure you should be saying. It frees you from the stress of playing games and putting up facades. It also keeps you from buying things you think you need in order to live the simple life. Its not about having a butter churn, or homespun curtains. Its about finding your own place of being real. Its about living with what you need and not all the stuff you think you want or having the things that make you feel good for a moment in your personal history. Its about learning to find joy in nature, in the breaths you take, in the smile of a passerby. It's about not having to have more than you NEED. Its also about feeling great respect for natures gifts and caring for the world we live in, that's just the natural manifestation of love and respect.
I walk into the stores and see that all these folks are buying "green" not out of profound respect for nature, but because its the "cool" thing to do. They soon tire of this since its just a phase they are going through and not a deep emotional reaction to a serious need. Simple living is about being connected to more than the surface things we deal with. Its walking in the morning dew and knowing that the pursuit of money is not everything. That people, relationships and connections to others is what life is about and in knowing that, we want to pursue a lifestyle that allows us to care and nurture those relationships. Its a higher calling shall we say, than chasing after the material world. Simple living is about conviction. It's not just something to shoot for and hope it makes you feel better. Its about knowing yourself and knowing what will really matter in the end. Its about having time, free from demands that lead you no where. Its all about the lack of worrying about what other folks are doing, have done, will do and certainly not worrying about being measured by what other folks are doing.
When you finally find who you are, whats real then you make changes that will stick with you.
No need to keep changing how you do things. The heart and the soul will be your guide as you walk towards a simple life.


Suzy said…
beautiful post...especially the line that states...it's about not having more than you NEED.
I enjoy your blog and visit often.
Bless you,
Christine said…
I am so glad I found your blog. I frequently find myself pondering things in my life after I read one of your posts. I really do appreciate the way you share your thoughts with the world.

I think I've commented before on how my family growing up was anything but close. Not a particularly healthy environment for a child. So when I read of other people who have raised happy kids and have a grown family that is still close and loves each other it really inspires me. I certainly enjoy the moments with my kids now while they are young but I'm also really looking forward to when they're grown with families of their own too.
Patty said…
Thanks Ladies !
Marianna said…
Beautifully said.
Dawn said…
Oh what an inspiring post Sister! I began my quest for a more simple / plain life April 2006 with the Lord's leading. It has been an amazing journey so far. There isn't really much I can do here in Germany at the moment, but prepare for when we move to TX next year. It's amazing though th changes that have taken place in me since beginning this quest. Such peace fills my soul!
I learn more about the simple life though many blogs, thru books. I read it all, take it all in and see how certain things can fit into my life at this moment. The rest will be saved for a later time.
Everyone wants to be someone else, but hardly anyone wants to be themselves. What is wrong with just being us? It's too much energy and a time waster to be someone we aren't.

Kudos goes out to all those who are on the path of simple living!

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