The Simple Life

Simple living is not about doing without, its more about doing with...doing with what you need and not chasing after all the things you want. It's about doing things with the rhythm of nature, working with the cycles of the garden, of the animals and their time to give wool or milk. It's about taking time to think, to see, to enjoy the things that have nothing to do with the cost of something. It's about making things and learning to enjoy family time more than running around chasing after things. It's all about finding out what will really matter in the end.
roving in the sunlight


Lucy said…
beautiful picture
Mad about Craft said…
ptI have started to read your blogg only recently. To me, living in the UK, which has got frantic, your life seems simplier. It's probably not but it seems it. I am taking some very small steps to trying to live a simplier life in this mordern world. It is hard going at times as the world wants more and more material things but it hasn't learnt that material things don't matter, people and how they and feel, is what matters. Keep going, God Bless you

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