Information on Ordering MorningRamble Cards

Thank you all, for the great response to my new endeavor. I have been overwhelmed with pre-orders for the MorningRamble Cards . My web page is not available yet, so I will try and set up something with Esty today or tomorrow until the web page is available.
I will be having several sets available with specific themes, you can order with or without a quote by me on them. At this point I plan on keeping all the photography, shots from home or at least shots taken on my morning walk near home.
The themes will be...
Simple Living, our homestead
Tea Time
Spinning and Knitting
The cards are on good quality card stock, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches and will sell for $2.50 cents each or 12 in a set for $24 plus shipping. At present it is my plan for you to be able to choose which how many of each design you want within each category, so you can mix and match or have all of one design.
It is our plan to have the cards available for sale in the early part of September. Feel free to email me at with any questions or about pre-ordering cards .
Here is a sampling of some of the designs that will be available, photos taken in natural filtered light and in artificial light


Christine said…
I've been admiring your photos since I started reading your blog, they're really beautiful and you have such talent! One of the things I just love about them is that they are taken around your home. It gives them a real genuine feel. I have to say too that I've been taking more pictures myself, you're really inspiring me. Now, mine are definitely not as artistic as yours but seeing your wonderful photos from around your house has made me see more of the beauty in my own surroundings. Before when I took the kids for a walk, for example, I would take pictures of them but now I also take pictures of what we're DOING too. So if I'm having a talk with my son about a grasshopper that we saw on the sidewalk, I'll take a picture of it too. I think it will be nice later on to remember what things we did together.

I really want to thank you. Your pictures along with your insightfull words have really made me take more notice of things that are important to me.

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