Mellow was the mood

Had another busy day in front of me, but decided to slow it down a bit and purely by chance, all the right ingredients for "mellow" came my way. I ran into Goodwill to see if there were any cute tops for me and sure enough I found three Lauren shirts. Like new, but the best find was this old cassette of Frank Sinatra, "No One Cares". I like his singing but have never owned any of his music, today this tape for a whopping 50 cents, jumped out at me. Decided to treat myself to an iced latte and put the cassette in for the long drive into town to see the baby. Oh what a treat ! Soft, easy, mellow, a bit sad, (its all sad love songs) but just so full of that felling that you get from slowly sipping a glass of extraordinary wine, on a warm summer evening under the stars with a loved one. It was a good thing I was in a calm relaxed mood for the drive, because this was in front of me most of the way there. the top car, held on by a single cable, rocked back and forth like a rocking horse, and the trailer swayed back and forth and the tires on the trailer were bowed outward. It was enough to make a person feel sea sick watching it. The thought had occurred to me that the top car might just roll off right in front of me.


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