Before the Sun Arrives, A Little Light Shines

Before the sun's light breaks through the darkness, my lamps are lit. My sturdy maple desk that sits in front of the window, next to the wood stove is my own personal spot. The lamp that sits in the wide cedar window sill, shines brightly but still I light a beeswax candle to shed just a bit more light on my reading material for this new day. Its 5:30. The world around me is silent. The steady hum of the ceiling fan is the only sound I hear. It will be an hour or so before the birds start their morning rejoicing song. There is a dim light shining from the neighbors house, I wonder for a moment if they are up and about for the day or if its a light left on all night. If it weren't for their little light in the window, I wouldn't even know that a house was there, the cloak of darkness, so thick with no moon or sun to break through it.
A little light in the window makes such a difference, a little light makes all the difference in our lives and in the lives of all around us. Makes me think of that song I sung as a child....
"This Little Light of Mine"
The thing about light, and how it penetrates the darkness, its done without force. Let the way we live our life, our deeds, our actions be the light that shines. No need to be pushy. Let our examples be our little light that shines.


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