Quiet Moments

Debbie should be on the plane now heading home to Massachusetts and Melissa is home in Vermont already. The house here is very quiet.
When I got home from the airport, I headed straight outside to do chores. Emery has been faithfully doing them while company was here, freeing up my every moment to be with Melissa and Debbie. There is some sort of comfort in the regular routine of things. As though there is a fullness of balance when we do the familiar, the ordinary things in our life. Walking out to the chicken house, I saw a rose in bloom. I was in shock at how the morning glories have invaded our garden, work ahead of me for sure, lots of it. The sweet looking purple flowers have taken over every single inch of fence line. Strangling everything in sight.
The chickens were happy to see me, not for any other reason than the fact their feeder was empty. I fed them, watered them and let them run out the door to hunt for bugs. I wandered around with the feeling that it had been far too long since last time the green thick grass was under my feet. We did a lot of running around in the past couple weeks, and this country girl is not used to that. I am a home body....preferring to stay close to this home we love so dearly.
The figs are growing big, tomatoes too. Pecans green and hanging tightly on to the tree. Lots of them....pies this fall for sure and all sorts of good tasting pecan things.
Tomorrow I will sew the morning away...stay barefooted all day long... take a nap if I want or not if I don't want to. I will make bread and Indian pudding will simmer in the crock pot all day long. I will watch the clouds above as I hang the clothes on the line. I will sit in my rocker and look out the window...gaze off into no where in particular. I might even hum a favorite hymn or two as I rock. I might even do nothing for a couple hours.
I will miss my friend and my daughter and be ever so thankful for their visit !


Unknown said…
What is Indiana Pudding? I've never heard of this before!
R. Aastrup said…
Seems as if this was a weekend for good byes. I said good bye to my niece this morning as she and my sister drove off for college in TN. They are hard, aren't they? When you love you family, you want them always close...

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