Mei-Ling, DeFlux for Vesicoureteral Reflux

Our sweet grand-daughter will be heading off to the hospital very early in the morning for her surgery. She is listed as EXTREME HIGH RISK, which sounds so scary. The risk is due to her heart condition. We know she will be in the safe care of the Great Physician. I thought you might want to know a bit about the procedure so here is some information. Most children go home the same day but they are keeping her overnight as an added precaution due to her many medical issues.
Deflux® implant procedure
What is a Deflux implant
Deflux is a sterile, biodegradable gel used to
treat vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). The
Deflux implant is injected into the bladder
wall where the ureter enters the bladder,
forming a bulge at the opening. The bulge
reduces the size of the opening, to prevent
urine from flowing backwards into the
ureter. The opening is still flexible so urine
can flow into the bladder, as it should.
Deflux is gradually replaced by the body’s
own tissue, so the bulge remains.
General anesthesia is given. Then the
surgeon inserts a cystoscope, a thin viewing
device, into the bladder through the urethra
(where the urine comes out), and injects the
Deflux. The procedure usually takes less
than 30 minutes.


Joy McD said…
Praying for beautiful Mei-Ling, that God will guide the hands of the surgeon and keep His angels around her in protection.


Patricia said…
MeiLing, her parents and you are in my prayers! The Lord will keep her.
Christine said…
I remember reading in an earlier post that this was a temporary fix for her reflux. I have been reading a lot about deflux since I would much rather choose it over re-implantation for Cooper when that time comes. I have been reading many newer studies suggesting that Deflux can be very effective in high grade reflux and doesn't have to be viewed as temporary. It's also something that can be repeated up to 3 times if needed. Of course it's better to only have to do it once but I do think there is less risk with repeating deflux than there is with re-implantation. Check my blog, I posted a link a couple of days ago to a newer study about deflux in high grade reflux.

Good luck with little Mei-Ling!! I have two cousins who have had the Deflux procedure and my aunt told me recovery wasn't too bad. She said her son would try not to pee because it stung a little bit but he was 4 at the time so I think that would be a little easier in a baby since they don't know how to hold it.

We are taking Cooper for another renal function study tomorrow morning (we have to be at the hospital at 7:45 am) but I will be thinking of her!!
So sorry to hear of this precious baby's problems....My daughter had a VUR diagnosed at age 4....she's suffered many a bladder/kidney infection, so I know what you deal with. For us, the VUR spontaneously resolved, but she still suffers some bladder issues. I will say a prayer for this precious little one. I came her from my friend, Life at 17.
Me said…
This is so interesting to me, as it must be a relatively new procedure.
Our third child, a boy, was born with severe reflux in both kidneys and at three months had a procedure to make an opening from his bladder to his belly to relieve pressure on his ureters. He had this until he was about 19 months old and underwent a 6 hr long procedure to narrow and straighten his sausage looking ureters. He's doing great,next month he turns three and we are having BIG party to thank all our friends and doctors for blessing our life with caring and saving Christopher's life.
JenJ said…
Would you mind sharing who is your Dr?? We are looking for an excellent pediatric urologist.
Patty said…
here are two links for my blog when I wrote about mei-lings Doctor
if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Dr Puguch is just the best

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