A Birthday Treat

Lunch at Steven and Priscilla's house, complete with my all time favorite food of pizza and then the best gift ever, two precious grand-daughters to love on.
What could be better..... Well, maybe next week when all my children will be together with me and both my grandbabies are in my arms : ) Melissa arrives on Saturday, can't wait !

Elizabeth Ann, so tiny, so cute

Lunch time....Priscilla looks wonderful for just having a baby !

The two grandbabies

Grammie with Elizabeth and Auntie Debbie with Mei-Ling

Uncle Steven with Mei-Ling


JacquiG said…
What beautiful bundles of joy!! Mei-Ling is looking healthy and happy. Glad you are having such a good day.
nancyr said…
What adorable babies!

You and Debbie look like sisters!

I can't believe Priscilla was up to having company after giving birth less than 72 hours ago! How nice of Priscilla and Steven to host a birthday lunch for you.

It is wonderful that the whole family can be together next week.
Carrie J said…
What a lovely, lovely, family you have. You are indeed blessed.
Susan said…
Such precious babies.
Robin J. said…
You are so blessed with two granddaughters! Elizabeth is adorable and the girls together -- well precious.

I met Sunny today in Dana Point along with her husband. I told her about Elizabeth's birth. She was so excited to hear the news.
2 LMZ FARMS said…
Patty, I have thought about you all day today. This is the first time that I have had to sit down and get on the computer. I know the day is nearly done but just one more birthday wish before you call it a day. I hope the day was everything you prayed for and according to the pictures, I would say Grammie got what she wanted. Two perfect and beautiful babies. I know the day won't be complete till all the kids are there with you but it seems they are on their way to spend some much quality time with a birthday girl.
Tina Leavy said…
congratulations on the new grandbaby!
Heart at Home said…
Precious babies indeed! I do think that maybe Elizabeth has her mommy's mouth. :-) It's good for them to look like daddy, but better when some of mommy makes an appearance too!
Such a blessing-how nice that your other daughter will be able to come join you too.
Happy Birthday!
hoshikaori said…
Congrats on Elizabeth=]] Happy birthday too=] You can add me to your links or blog thing if you want=] I don't really know what the blogger thing you mentioned was...kinda new and don't really get on much=[
Aunt Jenny said…
Aw..they are just adorable..and you are right...boy, Pricilla looks great for just having a baby!
What a fun day for you!!!!
hoshikaori said…
I liked that youtube video you told me to watch. I love that kind of thing.=]
Marci said…
Oh how fun. Those babies are both adorable. Debbie is radiant as ever. Looks like fun!!!!
Genuine Lustre said…
Elizabeth looks like her mommy. Mei-Ling looks like a big girl already, doesn't she!
Patty said…
I think what is best is that both babies have bits of both their parents ! What could be better : )

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