Doubt is a bit like Morning Glories

I was walking around trying to find an example in nature about how doubt has crept into my belief system and taken such hold. Within a few minutes I noticed how the morning glories have taken over. At first you look at them and think, "what pretty little flowers" then soon you realize they just take over, covering up the very thing they are climbing up. They take over so quickly, at first so attractive and then seen as an ugly weed by just the way they strangle the thing they climb up. It didn't take long for our yard to look like a morning glory jungle. We have been busy, preoccupied with Mei-Lings health issues. A perfect example of what can happen when one single small seed of doubt is planted and allowed to go unchecked.
I am really not being hard on myself, just looking honestly at myself. Can't change what I don't acknowledge !

The grape vines hidden and struggling under the morning glory vines
The way the vine grows, twisting and strong
There are bird feeders under there somewhere


Gullebarn said…
I wish I had some words of wisdom for you Patty. I am having a hard time myself. What helped me lately came from a very unusual source. As a child I read all the Flicka books over and over, and there is a third book called "Green Grass of Wyoming". In it, Mary O'Hara writes some pretty poignant stuff about the Love of God. It really brought me back to my faith at a time of doubt. Now that I think about it, it seems pretty ironic to me that reading something by a layperson had more of an effect on my faith than all the church-going and listening to preachers I have ever done.
Patty said…
I read those books too as a child, my girls did too. Funny the things that put things right for us at times. Ususally they are pretty simple things

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