Blushing....Nice Matters Award

Aisling over at has given me the Nice Matters Award. That was just so nice of her. I am flattered...
now my turn to pass along the award. Here are my choices for the Nice Matters Award
Marci over at is a really really nice person so naturally her blog is always nice, she is a person that always considers that nice matters
Rondi over at is another nice person with a nice blog. Nice people are such joys in this world
And another really nice person with a really nice blog is Sunny over at This is another person I have great respect for and never is anything less than nice and writes nice stuff on her blog.
my final name to mention is Shellie at I really like Shellie and like her blog, its a nice place to visit and learn new things from.
So there ya have my names for the Nice Matters Award


R. Aastrup said…
Thanks, Patty. What a nice surprise!
Marcie said…
Patty, I'm eager to go read the blogs you mention in your list. If you say they're nice, then I know it's true. :)
Patty said…
Thanks so much Aisling for passing on the Nice Matters Award to me ! Made my day
Marci said…
Thank you so much for the award Pat. I am honored that you chose me. God bless and enjoy your visit with Melissa and Debbie.
Sunny said…
Thank you. That gives me incentive to go blog something nice. Got some picks from Dana point that are nice.

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