Count Your Blessings Monday

Marci over at has a count your blessings Monday and its such a good way to acknowledge our blessings. Stop over and visit her blog and then consider joining in to count your blessings.
Its nearly 10 p.m., close to my bedtime but had to do this bit of counting my blessings, you see this day, this Monday, we can now count a big blessing, that Mei-Ling is going to be o.k. and that her infection is not a horrible one. A hospital stay will get her back on the road to recovery and soon we hope they will do some surgery to fix the problem.
Also, in my life there is always a list of blessings that continue to amaze me, and make me feel so fortunate. Right now I am counting my new kitchen cabinets as a huge blessing. I will for the first time since living in Texas, have a kitchen with a places to put everything. We are so blessed to be able to do this without any debt. I hope to have pictures the end of the week. I want it to be done before I snap pictures. Blessings are really gifts to us.
I looked up the origin of the word blessing. I never knew the origin of the word before tonight and honestly never thought to look it up.
here is what wikipedia had to say
To bless (from
Anglo-Saxon blēdsian or blētsian, Common Germanic blōdisōjan) originally meant "to sprinkle with blood" during the pagan sacrifices called "Blót"
Just a bit of a p.s. here, I prefer our modern concept of blessings rather than the etymology of the word. Just never looked up the word before and frankly, what I read kinda surprised me.
Just as times change, words change. Right off the top of my head I can think of several words that meant one thing when I was a child and now mean something quite different.
Blessings to me are gifts from God, plain and simple.


Marci said…
Not sure I agree with the definition of blessing, but I do know that it is a blessing that Mei-Ling is on the mend again. Bless her little heart. She will do great things for the Lord one day!!!
Patty said…
I was really surprised to see where the word came from, I think we have the right definition in our modern understanding that all blessings are from above !

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