Just An Ordinary Day

The day started before the sun rose above the juniper trees along the eastern fence line. The wash I had put in before turning out the lights last night was waiting to be hung up in the cool morning air. I remember thinking while hanging the clothes about how nice it will be when the entire day is cool and when socks and long johns will be welcome against the chill in the air.
The kittens chased my the hem of my skirt and got underfoot the entire time I was working. The lines full, it was time to feed the hens and see what damage the possum had done. We have a live trap, but haven't set it yet. Last night as Emery was looking up the chicken house, a large owl flew out of the tree by the woodshed. I wondered if he was hoping for a stray chicken for his evening meal. I was glad Emery was out there with a flashlight in his hand. There are so many creatures of the night that look for opportunity to feed on our chickens.
The sun creeping up the sky reminded me that the day was unfolding and I had lots to do. I gathered my skirt up around my ankles and headed up the back steps and into the house. Even with all our children grown and with homes of their own, I have plenty to do each day.
I plan a simple lunch to pack and take to Emery....glad he works only a couple miles from home. Two peanut butter sandwiches, spread with this years plum jam made from our own trees bounty. Wrapped in wax paper, fresh milk, cold glass bottle full, a banana for each of us and a tiny package of animal crackers, they look more like school lunches for two little children than lunches for grandparents. Emery greets me with a huge grin, he is always so happy to see me. We bow our heads at his desk and Emery asks the blessing. We talk and eat. An old friend comes in the office, Emery gets called away and this friend of mine sits down and eats her packed lunch that she had hoped to share with her son but he was gone from the office. We talk about our children and grandchildren, she has 14 grandchildren now. More to come in the future I am sure. More friends stop by the office to see husbands or fathers. It feels comfortable. In time I have to leave this time of visiting to run some errands for my new note card business. I feel so blessed its taking off so well. God is good. I get a call from my son in law, can I pick up a friend while I am in town. How blessed I felt to be able to help out and so glad that my life is one of being able to be home where my life is not rushed. I stopped off at Melanie's to give her a little painted bucket that says Home Sweet Home on it and of course see our sweet Mei-Ling. Her surgery is planned for Sept 5, so please pray for her and ask those you know to pray also. Melissa and I chat on the phone, she wanted some of moms advice.
By early afternoon I have spoken to all my children.
At home I start planning our evening meal. We eat simple foods most of the time. I try some new recipes but we always migrate back to the old regular farm foods. Old style cooking. Tonight it will be corn bread, baked beans, baked sweet potatoes and perhaps Emery will want a fried egg with his meal. The corn bread made of stone ground corn meal, packed in cloth bags, it will be a sweet corn bread baked in a iron skillet. Served with sweet butter. It is simple fare for simple living folk. We do best keeping things simple.
The house is filling up with the wonderful smell of sweet potatoes baking. It just feels like an ordinary day, filled with extraordinary joy.
my kitchen table just moments ago, corn bread in the making.


2 LMZ FARMS said…
I just love your photos. You have an excellent eye for taking pictures. Hope you and yours have a blessed evening.
Patty said…
Thanks Laura, I love taking photos, I used to paint, now I see my art in a different way
Betty said…
I'm so glad you came by to visit with me and took the time to comment on our bikes. I'm sorry about your uncle.....I'm like that with the ocean....a friend drowned in the ocean when we were young. I like the beach but not the ocean....

Please come again....Betty
Kathy said…
Sigh, the magic of ordinary days, isn't it just absolutely wonderful?

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