Sensible Shoe Family

Some ladies spend a lot of money on fancy shoes, designer variety. Not me, I have been a sensible shoe wearer for all of my life. Good room for the toes, heels that are healthy and not harmful. Somehow that seems to translate into a shoe that my mother referred to as "nuns shoes". The kind of shoe a nun might have worn in the 1950's. My first Earth shoes were a delight to me, but not exactly chic. I wore them with pride all through the 1970's. In the 1980's I graduated to Birkenstock's and wore them until we started going to the Mennonite church. The shoes of that decade were black lace up SAS shoes. Now that those days are over I am back to Kalso Earth Shoes, not the ones found in Wal-Mart, but the negative heel variety. Some of the Earth Shoes are quite cute but I opted for what I had known 3 decades ago. Funny thing is, Melissa has some of the Earth Shoes in the same style as I have, but recently she purchased these cute Earth shoes with patches on them. Makes mine look every bit the "nun shoe". They do look pretty snazzy with tie dye socks or my wild hand knit socks that come out of the sock drawer when the weather turns chilly.
My feet have appreciated the years of healthy shoe wearing. They are healthy and strong.
My new Earth Shoes arrived yesterday in the mail.... Melanie had to give them a try and see if she wants some too. Just one big healthy shoe wearing family !
I call these shoes, Healthy Chic !


Saska said…
My Mom bought me my frist Earth Shoes back in the '70's. They lasted forever, but then the store closed and I didn't know where to get them again.
Thanks for posting. Do you have a company/site you prefer to order from?
Amy said…
My high heels would have to be taken away at gunpoint :)
Patty said…
Hi Mama koch,
I got mine off of ebay, (new)but I always get the kalso catalog which gives me some ideas of what I like and the price I want to pay.
Patty said…
Amy, my step mom was like you with her high heels, then in her 60's it was all very serious foot problems for her. Too late to fix them and she had to hobble around with the ugliest shows imaginable after that or she couldn't even walk. Her feet were a mess. Toes misplaced etc, arches wrecked and bone structure changed from the years of walking in an un-natural possition. So beware ! : )
Amy said…
Thanks, Patty! I usually wear comfortable high heels - Lands' End had some super-comfortable, easy-to- walk-in espadrilles over the summer.

I hear what you're saying, though! My grandfather, on his death bed, took my mom's hand and asked her if she had good shoes for the winter :)
Mad about Craft said…
Being English I am afraid I don't know what Earth shoes are but I right along side you when it comes to wearing comfortable shoes and like you my feet are grateful, no problems with corns or deformities.
2 LMZ FARMS said…
I like those shoes. I'm going to check into getting me a pair. I'm like you, not into designer shoes just give me something comfortable. But then again, in the summer, I run around here barefooted. There is just something about getting your feet in grass, digging your toes in the mud, or feeling the coolness of the dirt under your feet. By winter, my feet are a mess.Oops, told a little too much info.
I hope you and yours have a blessed evening.

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