5 Things....

Inga over at http://quiltarctic.blogspot.com/ was tagged for one of those things which are often great fun, and often not much fun, but this one asked a few questions I really like, they are the kind that make you think about yourself, go deep and consider what you are all about.
Here are the questions I liked from the list....

5 things I want to do before I die....
  1. write that book that is inside of me
  2. Go to Darmasala and Tibet
  3. run a marathon
  4. Spend a month in Donegal
  5. learn Chinese
5 Things I can do
  1. Seek understanding
  2. Love
  3. hurt
  4. seek compassion
  5. live life spherically, in many directions with childlike enthusiasm

5 things I cannot do....

  1. be 20 again
  2. be 30 again
  3. be 40 again
  4. see limits to what I can do
  5. be prejudice
the other two questions were about crushes and what attracts you to the opposite sex, those are easy for me, I have only had eyes for Emery for the past 29 years. No joke, I mean that. He epitomises everything that attracts me to the opposite sex.
if you want to, ask yourself these three questions and post them on your blog, then let me know, I would love to hear what others say. Might ask yourself what would you do if you could change something in the world, if you could do anything, what would it be. Three words or less.
Put Compassion in the drinking water of the world. Oppps,. way more than three words... broke my own rule. How to rephrase that, "sprinkle compassion everywhere", there, three words, it works.


Sunny said…
Humanity truly kind.
Patty said…
very good one Ms Sunny !

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