The Wee Miss Mei-Ling

Better color, a few more smiles, and a restful sleep. By tomorrow they should have an idea of how long she will be in the hospital. Grammie enjoyed rocking this tiny one to sleep.


2 LMZ FARMS said…
So precious. It is hard looking at her and knowing that she is sick. Still praying for her and your family. The picture you posted looked something like that was made here in my hometown. The things these crazy people do. I hope you and yours have a blessed evening.
nancyr said…
Mei-Ling looks so pretty and content in that picture. Hope she is better very soon, and can go home. She is still in my prayers.

That car, on top of a car, can't possibly be legal, on the road! I would want to pass that mess in a hurry! Good thing you weren't "uptight" when you saw that wreck waiting to happen!
Patty said…
it sure was a crazy sight Laura, I was a bit scared following him when we were going up a hill !
Patty said…
I can't imagine that was a legal way to haul cars. I passed him as soon as I could but was in a no passing zone for at least 8 miles, up and down hills.
Mei-Ling seems to be feeling better tonight, I am so glad, they may let her come home this weekend

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