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Taking A Walk In The Slow Lane

  Admittedly we are living in stressful times.   The news is full of tragic events, no matter which side of the fence you sit on.   In the past 18 months so much has happened to change the way we think, act and respond to one another.   Personally, its taken a toll on me.   I have always had low blood pressure, but not now...and suddenly I get hives when I am stressed.   How we manage our stresses seems to change as we get older and I find myself having to make a more concerted effort to manage mine.  But, in all fairness to myself, lots has gone on.   Right before the pandemic, I had arthroscopy on my left knee, then developed an I T band injury from working that knee out a bit too hard....long recovery but there wasn't much else to do, and then  6 months ago I had a shoulder injury repaired which I have to say, was a very painful recovery, still recovering actually.   So, there has been lots of things impacting my life. But, as always, there is our little piece of tranquility, th

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