Found a Fun New Blog

Found a great blog today Kinda reminded me of a few things I have lost sight of. French eating, feeling pretty and a long leisurely lunch at an outside cafe. Some days there just seems to be so many elements of life I enjoy. Balance, blending, and feeling good where you are is what its about I guess. I have been so busy, so emotionally stretched, so worn down by months of worry that I have forgotten some of the things that make me happy....
So in that spirit, here is a list of things that make me happy, not in any special order and certainly not everything is on the list that makes me happy.
The sight of Emery walking towards me
Mei-Lings big smile
My children being happy
Another grandchild on the way
Good cheese
Fine wine
Trees bending in the breeze
The ocean
Walking along the beach at midnight
My "new" kitchen
Sitting around the fire pit with friends and family
Having the house tidy
my feather bed
Taking pictures
wool hats
hand knitted socks
The first wood stove fire of the season
Being home
telephone calls from loved ones
Emery's IPod
My cell phone (yes, I do love it)
The many shades of green found in summer
rain without thunder and lightening
Tai Chi
the scent of cinnamon


nancyr said…
I can SO relate to the joy of the first fire in the wood stove!
I dream about cold days when it is as hot as it has been.
Praying that Mei-Ling is okay.
Amy said…
That IS a great blog! Thanks for sharing!

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