Grammie's Fun Day

Mei-Ling doesn't like to miss anything that is going on around her so she fights to stay awake. I took about 60 pictures of her when it was nap time, documenting her fight to stay awake. She was not about to give in but at last, sleep won out. Her tiny feet and hands fascinate me with their delicate movements and their perfect shape.
I had such a fun day, got nothing done around the house but....this wee one is all giggles and smiles, which are such treasured moments and nothing was more important that these seconds in time, so dear and so treasured. She is one medications that upset her stomach, but she doesn't fuss much as all. A brave little one she is. Melanie called a couple times to see how we were making out so I put Mei-Lings ear up to the phone so she could hear her Mommy's voice...Mei-Ling was looking all around the room for her mommy when she heard her voice on the phone. Its now 10:30 at night... baby sleeps in cozy sleepers, her tummy full, her diaper dry. Blanket covers her and a special teddy bear at her side, I can only hope she sleeps through the night !
Tomorrow morning I take her to the Urologist for a pre-surgery test...its been a long time since I have taken on such an adventure with a wee one. I have made lists and checked and rechecked the diaper bag.


krebzepplin83 said…
oooo you got a nice smile there! i got one better but yeah who is bragging?
Debra said…
Oh, that 4th picture is about the cutest one EVER! Thanks for sharing your sweetie granddaugter with us. Blessings, Debra
Mimi said…
Isn't it funnnnnnnnnnnnn being a Grammie... even taking them to the Doctor is an adventure!!!
And it's hard not to want to hold them and kiss them and smell their little heads all day long !!!
Your grand baby is a pure doll !!!
even fighting sleep...

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