A Feeling So Full of Peace

This week-end, Grampie and Grammie get to baby-sit ! Melanie and Casi are taking a well deserved weekend trip. It was just their first wedding anniversary the 26th.
Mei-Ling is here with me now, piano music filling the house as she sleeps, gentle music, the kind that makes you feel mellow, contemplative, the keys seem to know the way the soul feels.
The sweet face of the tiny one, her fingers bent as if to gently hold on to life itself. Her breathing gentle and easy. Not a care in the world showing on her round little face. I marvel at the idea that another generation is before me, pieces of her mother, her father, her grandparents and aunts and uncles all within her, yet she is uniquely and marvelously all her own person. I am flooded with a peacefulness as I watch her sleep. She is a miracle, as are all babies, as is our sweet Elizabeth.
I know that in these babies life time, I will read stories to them, hold them, rock them, bake cookies with them, tell them about places I have been and speak words to them in Yiddish, in Hebrew, in French, in German and learn from them words in Thai, Spanish and Pennsylvania Dutch. We will sing silly songs together and learn about plants and animals. From them, I will learn to touch the world of a child all over again. I will spin and spin till I fall down with them, I will swing high on the swing, and play hide and seek. I will skip and jump again. Life will unfold with all the magic of childhood right before my eyes.
This little baby sleeping by me, is at the stage where she is laughing now, giggles roll from her lips with bubbles and drool, her tiny hands reach for me, hold my fingers and pat my arm. The joy of this new generation is profound. I have a feeling deep in my soul, a feeling so full of peace and I believe I know now the entire meaning of life, it is to embrace all the love around you. It is to see and feel the holiness of life.

Mei-Ling sleeping


Carrie J said…
A baby is the most wonderful thing in the world. To me,they are our souls in their purest form while on Earth. We can't help but be moved by them.
Just a note of thanks as well for your comments on my blog.
Marcie said…
Beautiful post, Patty. I agree with your conclusion about the "meaning of life." I have had similar thoughts while holding my own children, and believe that I will experience life having come "full circle" when I hold a grandchild someday. Thanks for sharing your lovely, peaceful thoughts!

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