Not Enough Hours in My Day

My list of things to do today is long. I am having my hair done, need to paint some more cabinets, have to buy feed, do a bit of shopping for food, run to the hospital and visit the baby, and then come home, cook, tidy up, and work beside Emery in the kitchen. My house is a wreck and company comes the end of the week. If I don't get it done, its not the end of the world but I am no good at living in chaos. I like order, peace, quiet and time to wander my land camera in hand.
Melissa took this picture a couple weeks ago and it just refreshes me this busy morning. I can almost smell the scent of the woods as I look at it and feel the sun peeking through the branches. I can also imagine the mosquitoes ! Some things are NOT bigger in Texas. New England has won the award for massive sized mosquitoes in my experience.
So today is a rush rush, hurry hurry day. I had my coffee, so I will be running in high speed this morning.
You take what you have to do and do it. You step up to the plate, tighten your belt and get done what needs to be done. That's the stuff we are need to be made of.

Thanks Melissa for the photo !


Jenn said…
Peaceful picture! Did you live in or visit New England? That's where we live! Misquitos haven't messed with me much this year, which is a first...LOL I hope you have a highly productive week so that you can fully enjoy the weeks end and your company!

Patty said…
Hi Jenn,
Yup, I am a yankee through and through. My fathers family came to the Boston area in 1632 and my mothers family on the maternal side came on the Mayflower, they were loyalist though and were given a Kings Grant in Nova Scotia for their loyalty to the King. Later in the late 1800's some moved back to Massachusetts. I am the first "heritic" and moved away.
I left Massachusetts in 1982.
Peggy said…
If you figure out how to get more hours in the day please sell some to me! Have a great day and looking forward to seeing your new kitchen.
krebzepplin83 said…
remember to take some time and relax today.

Patty said…
Hi Peggy, I didn't manage to make any more hours for my day, just had to move faster : )
Patty said…
Hi Matt,
Big tall glass of Mountain Dew sitting in front of me, a bit of a fresh baguette to munch on, and my feet are up.
Mei-Ling looks better, when I left the hospital both she and Mel were sleeping !
krebzepplin83 said…
HUZZAH! thats good news!

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