No News

It's over 12 hours now since Steven and Priscilla arrived at the Birthing Center. About 20 hours since her water broke. No news yet. Think its time to do some heavy praying


nancyr said…
It is so difficult waiting, when a loved-one is in labor, and things aren't progressing very fast.
My daughter was in hard labor for over 36 hours with her last two babies. Just before they were going to do a C-section, with the second baby, a nurse came in and helped things along, and the baby was born naturally. Daddy was a nervous wreck, and so was grandma!
Praying that all goes well, and the baby is born soon.
Andrea Maddiex said…
I will be praying with you!
2 LMZ FARMS said…
Ask and you shall recieve.Sending prayers and good thoughts your way. Will keep checking in.
Aunt Jenny said…
I will pray with you too!!

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