I Am Feeling Left Out : )

I feel left out, abandoned... whenever I entered the room, I heard whispers and hushed voices .
I woke to the smell of a cake baking and now, no one is home but me. The family all said good-bye with great sneaky looks on their faces and hopped into the car, without asking me to go with them, matter of fact, they told me I couldn't go with them. Secrecy is everywhere and I am left out of the plans of the day. Something is up ! The living room is empty, chairs abandoned. Could this all have something to do with my birthday celebration : ) So what shall I do with myself for the next couple hours ? Oh maybe I will just soak in the tub, or read a good book or sit gazing out the window. Feeling left out is so much fun, when you know the secrets being kept are just for you : )
an empty house


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