Simple Things

Looking out the window is such a simple could be just gazing off into no-wheres-land, looking at the wonders of nature, day-dreaming, watching a loved one pulling up to the house, or a child at play. I long for that time again when its cold outside, when the windows are steamed up from hours of baking or frost is creeping up the corners. Selfishly, I long for just a moment to do nothing... to sit once again in my rocker by the window, candle burning bright, spinning wheel steadily humming its own little tune, my mind able to wander. Life has been so busy. I have had the profound joy of being able to help make life a bit easier for loved ones and what a joy that is, but I do miss the silent moments, the thinking moments, the prayer time of just talking in conversation with God. Those times will come again.... I have no doubt.
I sat by the window of the little restaurant today, watched the sky fill with clouds, saw the bright pink blooms of the crepe myrtle tree, and discovered a well hidden bird feeder. It was a tiny moment of doing nothing...I felt refreshed from it...blessed by it. A simple thing, that gave me simple pleasure. Tomorrow morning I will rise early, light the candle and gaze out the window, you see...its not that life has been so busy, not when I think about it, its really that I have not carved out of my day, that quiet time, that window gazing, moment of wonder and silent conversation.


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