Summer Storm

Loud crashing thunder roared through the house, a quick look out the window revealed a strange yellow sky. If only I could just close my eyes, go back to sleep, maybe I could sleep through this wild angry storm. I hate storms. Since I was a child they frightened me. This storm was a nasty one. Flashes of lightning came in rapid succession, the morning air full of electricity. We went around unplugging things, we know about these bad storms and have lost more than one telephone through the years. Rain fell in torrents, small rivers rushing along the curb. The rain gauge filling fast. Turning on the television to check for storm warnings, the screen was covered with pictures from the bridge collapse in Minnesota. It all made our morning storm seem so insignificant. I hear sirens rush past our house, no doubt an accident or lightning hit a house. I can only imagine in my mind what it was like for those folks on the bridge yesterday and hearing the sirens makes me feel aware of what emergencies sound like, it sends shivers down my spine.
My heart and my prayers are with all those folks experiencing loss and fear with the tragedy of the bridge collapse.


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