A Favorite Family Treat, Teddy Graham Snack Mix

With everyone here this week, I wanted to make an old family favorite....this little snack mix kept Melissa going all through college and has kept Melanie safe many times when her blood sugars were too low. Its easy for little fingers to manage too.
The recipe is simple. I always make a HUGE batch of it to distribute between the family.
here is our
Teddy Graham Snack Mix recipe
1 box Honey Nut Cheerios
1 box Golden Grahams cereal
1 box Teddy Grahams
the amount of raisins you want
and one container of honey roasted peanuts.
I always double this recipe so use a good size container of peanuts and a lot of raisins.
Mix together all the ingredients and that's all there is to it.
Its easy enough to make this a real healthy snack mix by using organic fruit juice sweetened cereals and cookies


Susan said…
Gotta try this one!!
Dawn said…
Oooooo a nice and frugal snack! :)
Unknown said…
Im doing the finishing touches on a book about healthy eating for kids, in fact it's going to the publisher this week, but before I send it I would love to include this little recipe in there somewhere if I could. Please contact me if I can use this, it's the best perfectly healthy sweet tooth snacks Ive seen. My email is willtilligers at yahoo dot com. Thanks so much Patty.
Lib said…
Thanks for sharing the recipe,looks good .I'll have to try it.
Enjoy your week with Family.
Aunt Jenny said…
That sounds like something that would be a great treat for cubscout meetings!! Yum!!!
2 LMZ FARMS said…
I'm going to make me a batch of those and take them to the barrel race this weekend. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday and your time with your family. You have a beautiful family and they are lucky to have such a caring, and loving Mother, and Grandmother like you. Have a blessed day.
Patty said…
Hi Jessie, sure you can use the recipe

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