Sunday Thoughts

The phone rang at 6 am. Priscilla is in labor, her water broke just after they arrived home last night after we all had dinner together. Steven sure sounded excited on the phone, and a bit nervous. We are all holding our breath waiting for the news of the new arrival.
We sat around the table, chatting and eating french toast made from a day old baguette, (thanks for the idea) fresh locally grown cantaloupe, fresh strawberries and for me a steaming hot cup of espresso. The talk seems to return over and over to this new grand baby's arrival...will she have black hair, blond hair, no hair, lots of hair ? Will she look like our side of the family or Priscilla's ? Or maybe both ?
Hoping and praying the labor will not be difficult or long...will keep you all posted on the blessed event. Auntie Debbie arrived just at the right time !


Lucy said…
Ohh Patty, this is so exciting! You are all in my prayers.
Marianna said…
Best of luck to the new family! Hope all goes (or has gone) well!
nancyr said…
Is Priscilla going to a hospital, or having a home delivery?
Hope the little one has arrived and baby and mom (and dad) are doing well.
Lucky you, having two grandbabies!
Aunt Jenny said…
How exciting Patty!! I can't wait for more grandkids!! I only have one now..she just turned 5. (she calls me Gaggy) I have high hopes that both my oldest boys will get married in the next year and I will get more soon!!
Can't wait to hear about you new one! How fun!!
Heart at Home said…
Hopefully by now your new grandbaby is here. I haven't been able to visit in a couple of days and see that Mei-Ling is also home. So happy to hear all the good news from your family and will be looking forward to seeing photos of Steven and Priscilla's little one. :-)

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