Life, its been so busy

I haven't had much time for serious musings, no time for deep contemplation....but always time to observe and file things away in my brain for quieter times.
Had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Debbie took me out for breakfast, Steven had pizza for my lunch and Emery took me out for Chinese last night, and then shopping for whatever I wanted. And thanks to all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes !
Did end up with a strange ending to the day. Ended the day by falling in a hole. Walking across Melanie's front lawn in the dark and my right leg went down into the hole where the water meter is. The cover was on funny, never saw it and down I went. Nothing graceful to it. Everyone came running as if I had fallen off a roof. My leg went down about 15 inches. Got a scrape on my leg, and thats it. Good healthy eating, exercise, doing tai chi for balance all plays a part in how I avoided breaking a bone I am sure. I put swedish bitters all around the area where my leg was scrapped up, iced it, took a couple teaspoons of the bitters, and some stem enhance stuff I have, and not one black and blue has popped up. I am not sore at all either.
Got up this morning, put a wash in, hung it up and made my morning stroll around the place. Felt good. Thought a lot about this birthday while I was outside walking around. Usually I make a long list of things I would like and send them to everyone in the family...its sort of a joke how mom makes a list, but with working on the differences between want and need, its just sorta hard to make a list of wants. I came up with a few, but they seemed more practical. More geared towards the needs than the wants.
Saw a Smart car yesterday, its just the second one I have seen. It was kind of funny since we saw it just after telling Emery and Debbie about them. It was kinda strange how it just appeared after my two days of thinking about them. Maybe its the Law of Attraction ?
I would love to own a SmartCar, this is a want, not a need. its on my wish list.
Here are some pictures of my morning stroll. Life is good !


Dawn said…
I am glad your leg wasn't seriously hurt..praise the Lord for that!!!!
Smart cars are all over the place here in Germany! They don't phase us anymore. But when we first got here we couldn't believe a car was actually that small...LOL. They come in such a variety. Like when people drive over from England, thy have the older Smart cars and they look different than the Smart cars the Germans are driving. It's quite interesting. ;)

Bless you!
Anonymous said…
When I was home in Holland a couple of years ago I loved the Smart Car. I can't wait to see them on the roads here in TX. Won't that be a hoot with all those huge trucks around.

Glad you weren't hurt when you fell.

Patty said…
I thought they would get better gas milage but the web page says 40 mpg. I think they are so cute.
All the well drilling trucks around here are ruining our roads. So many wells going in every day !

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