First Step is the Floor !

So much better than a my white kitchen floor. White floors and farm life just don't mix. Every single bit of mud, grass, hay etc showed, meaning floors needed to be mopped every single day. Not my idea of fun ! My dear husband said yes to a new floor even though the old one was really not old at all. Melanie helped me with installing the floor this afternoon so the job went pretty fast. I have the back hall and bathroom to do next. Got the stain and paint for the cabinets, more wallpaper, decided to use more than I first planned on, so things are moving right along.
Hope to have it all done before my friend Debbie arrives for a visit and Melissa too.


Sunny said…
We had a kitchen floor like that in MA and I LOVED it! When is Debbie coming? How about Melissa?
Patty said…
Deb comes in on the 12th and Melissa on the 18th, maybe you should come visit me too !
Marci said…
Pat, is that the squares that you put down, or is it in strips? The floor is beautiful.

Will this trip for Melissa be the first time she actually gets to hold Mei Ling?
Patty said…
Its squares Marci, and reasonably priced, we are doing the kitchen 15x15' the hallway and one bath for just a bit over $200. The flooring is from Home Depot.
Yup, the first time Auntie Melissa will get to hold her neice. We are hoping Priscilla has her baby on time, then Melissa will get to see her too.

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