Mei-Ling Update

Just heard from Melanie, Mei-Ling has a bladder infection. We were so hoping the daily dose of antibiotic they had her on would keep the infections away, but it looks like it didn't. The infection is not as bad as the last one, and they are pretty certain it has not gone into her blood.
She is being admitted into the hospital, poor little one will no doubt be on I.V's. It will be wonderful when they can fix her VESICOURETERAL REFLUX problem. Melanie said Mei-Ling seemed to be feeling much better this evening. I will keep you all updated, but please keep this wee one in your prayers, and good thoughts.


2 LMZ FARMS said…
I don't have any words to express that would ease your mind. Just know that I am praying for Mei-Ling and your family. Please keep me updated on the little one.
Patty said…
We are far less worried tonight knowing what the problem is and that its not as bad as the last time. Thanks for the prayers

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