A Fun Day at Homestead Heritage

What a fun day I had. Emery got off work early and took Debbie and me to Homestead Heritage for lunch and to shop for my birthday. I had a terrible time deciding what I wanted, and finally decided more of the pottery I collect would be just perfect.
I chose to eat carob chip homemade ice cream and a home made cinnamon roll for my lunch, it was healthy, right ? Can't show you what I picked out for my birthday because Emery is saving it to give to me at my party on Sunday. But I can assure you its pretty and functional.
The flowers were beautiful at Homestead, and with the clouds building from the storms in the gulf, the grayness of the sky, seemed to make the colors of the flowers a bit more dramtic..
As always the articles for sale were extraordinary examples of skill, craftsmanship and artistic expression. Everything in the pictures is made by someone in the community.
Enjoy the pictures !
My food choices, oh so yummy : )
The home made soaps display
quilt and furniture
a wonderful white on white quilt
The Deli
The book store
Passion vines, full of magnificent blooms


Reviekat said…
Patty, we just had a family trip to Homestead Heritage yesterday! It's the first time we've ever been and we had such a great time. It was fascinating to see everything that had been made and to be able to talk with the different crafters.
Teresa said…
What a wonderful trip. Love the pictures.

I'll never forget the first time I saw a passion flower. I was about 12 and pond fishing. I just couldn't wait to smell it, b/c something that pretty just has to smell lovely, right? (I can still remember my reaction...)

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