Three Beautiful Things

This is a splendid idea... and could be life changing for folks that tend to look on the less than bright side of life. Check it out
I challenge my blog readers to add 3BT to their blogs daily

here are my 3BT's for this day
1. the way Mei-Ling snuggled into my shoulder this afternoon while she visited, her hair just washed, the scent of baby shampoo bringing to mind the way my own dear babies smelled over 2 decades ago, flooding my heart with memories, really sweet memories.
2.Emery's gentle laughter for a shared joke, ours alone. The expression in his eyes, so totally known to me. No words needed.
3. The colors in the sky tonight, bright orange, gold, southwest colors. Each moment growing more beautiful, like magic...until the sun sunk down below the horizon, then grays, and dark blues, bedtime colors.


Christine said…
This is such a great idea. I will be trying to add it to my blog also. I'm not always such a negative nancy but lately I have been having a more difficult time looking on the bright side and I think this will help.

Thank you so much for sending me positive thoughts. I really do appreciate it.

My son hasn't had any corrective procedures yet. The urologist is saying yes, he'll need it when he's big enough for surgery. But the nephrologist is saying if his kidney's can cope well with the reflux and nothing starts getting worse then he may not need surgery. He does still have both kidneys although the left is small and not functioning properly. This is why I'm stressing about the results of the tests coming up. Depending on what we hear will mean different things. Plus if the small kidney loses any more function it will have to be removed which I am really not wanting to have to do.

I'm just curious, did your family know about a history of kidney problems? Ours didn't until my little cousins needed surgery then we found out lots of the adults have problems we never knew about. It is lucky for me we found out though because that's caused my two younger boys to be tested at birth before they had any real serious complications.
2 LMZ FARMS said…
Going to check out the site. There is something special about the smell of a baby. Hope the new one is doing great. Have a blessed day.
Congratulations on your newest grand baby :)

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